Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Start of the Dark Age !

16 th july 10

Frds, something I felt like writing !

Few days back there was a beautiful article in Times written by an eminent figure ( extremely sorry for not being able to recollect the name) saying are we living in Gothem City? Now for those who are not Batman fans or have no liking about reading comics, Gothem City is native town of the character Batman where crime has become back bone of the society & our super hero Batman fights crime in the dark streets of the city at nights! Well if we read every days news paper I think as Pune lives to its repute, we may be a slow starter in compair to the our elder sister city ie Bombay oops Mumbai,but we overtake her always when we gather the speed on any front may it be fashion, education, commerce ,real estate & now the latest front is crime!

Its not now a new fact the wealth gathers all sorts of elements along & when a city prospers such things are bound to happen. Agreed the police force is there & it needs to be strengthened a lot & every new coming police chief is screaming all the time about the injustice on the infrastructure front with the Police force but then so do every govt/public body chief! The MSEB ie MSECDL has limitation on monthly funding so they are weak at maintenance of lines, the PMC is short of funds so they cant have BDP & reservation lands acquisition in time, the Collectorate has limitation on man power considering the spread of urbanization & so have limitations on illegal constructions! So many such limitations we see every day! Is that end of the day for an individual?

The crime knows no limitation but its the attitude of every one of us which makes this happen.Its not a single day development that lead to someone makes to give Supari of other person ,its weeks & months of delays,extortion & many steaks which leads to such a tragic end. Is it a final solution? The answer will be always no! But then there are people who either commit suicide or gives Supari when pushed to extreme on any front , is a fact too! For instance the recent killings in the city & around of the people where allegations are made by both sides on the system, social elements as well businessmen about involved in killings! We are no court or investigation team yet is it just a plain money oriented crime? Again the answer is No!

Especially when we look in the real estate segment the city has outgrown with demand going way ahead of supply. here supply meant a real quality homes affordable to the needy ones! Pune was always delight for the people of all segments to settle down because of its culture & the peace it gives to the resident. But the same factor has become the nuisance as not planned the growth on all fronts & we are at state where land is the scarest commodity & naturally every element related to it will try to squeeze something out of it. And when some of the element don't get his share which he thinks he deserves then one goes to any level to achieve it!

"Making easy money is the worst temptation a man can have"...James Hadley Chase, has wrote this in one of him famous crime thriller & now we are experiencing the same! Most of the society thinks the real estate has the easiest money in it ( which isn't entirely false also) but the way picture is painted & the way stakes are going sky rocketing ,these who are not well versed with the industry do tempt to believe it. And when such community comes in industry may it be in private or govt or social side of it but they want their chunk & fast! here I can quote N number of examples where the developer has been asked for ransom by by any local social worker in the name of flaws on the project, the matter goes to the authority may it be local public body or police or governing body,here instead being firm & giving justice to the right party they take stand of telling both the parties to settle the matter amongst yourself! And here is where the rift comes, as to settle has many angles & if the issues don't get agreed on money wise then the Supari factor moves in! This has happened in early 80's in Mumbai & now slowly entering in our peace loving city!

Whom you can blame? The officer has his life as well carrier at stake so he cant take Panga with the social worker who mostly is connected to some political party,the developer has his money at stake & he cant afford delay or losses (& not that every time he is perfect) & the goon who is expecting his chunk knows the weak link in the system & is not ready to part away with this easy money! Now analyze our self in each role & think why we landed our self in this place! If we all do our job keeping why we are getting paid for then such elements will never dare to give or take Supari!

Right from the media to top level officials as well rulers if they support & held up the justice then only lower cadre will have guts & will stand upright! Here now each of us moral is at test as we may be leading to becoming the Gothem city but we dont have any Batman to rescue us ,rather each of us has a Batman within.Lets wake him up & let him take the lead when such situation arises & then see the difference!

Sanjay Deshpande
Sanjeevani Dev
Envo_power Committee,Credi,Pune

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