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Real Estate, Team India & Test of Character!



“In our personal and professional lives, we are constantly hit with one adversity after the other, most of which we have no control over. But the four things we have total control over is how we react, how we adapt, how we breathe, and how we take action”... Diamond Dallas Page

Dallas Page, better known by his ring name Diamond Dallas Page, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, fitness instructor, motivational speaker, and actor. And no wonder a wrestler turned motivational speaker only can say such words about adversity & above words are actually most needed by none other than the real estate! And indeed the year 2020 was one of the night merest year for most, on personal as well professional fronts but in the last week of the year end one incidence happened which I feel is a must to share & it’s about Indian cricket Team i.e. Team India! Ok, before coming to real estate, here is something I wrote to my team i.e. my office & site team, will share that....

Sharing 1 (on whatsap so, pardon me as I have kept the language as we use on whatsap)

Dear team,

U must be wondering for laddoos i.e. sweets. Today is a great day not because we are doing good at flat bookings & one more flat at prestige has been booked, that’s there but more is for the historic test match win by team India on Australia that too on the Boxing Day match i.e. a match which starts on next day of Christmas & has always been a pride for Australian team!! And do mind team India has faced humiliating defeat in earlier  test matches by getting all down at their lowest ever test match score i.e. mere 36 runs!! And entered in this match without their captain virat kohli who was the maximum run maker in the last test!! Nobody has put money on Indian team but that is what differentiates the winners & normal team! As it's not who says what about ur capacity but  what u believe  about yourself is what matters in the end & exactly this is what team India did, they remain focused, they believed themselves & they delivered what they had best in them on ground!!
This is what we have to learn from such games; it's not that Australia played badly but its team India which played their best!! This is something we also have to adopt as we must put the bad times behind & keep giving our best & victory will be ours!!...

Sharing 2

Greatest Draw I have witnessed in recent cricket...

It was best of the test cricket, battle of not just bat & ball but its battle of attitudes, it's a fight to get our own best from within...if there was pujara making 77 in some 200 balls, there was rishabh pant making 97 in  112 ball & then 6th pair in the form of ashwin & hanuma vihari playing for 41overs facing some of the best attack in world cricket& when they both were injured physically & Vihari was not in best of his form is young & under pressure to maintain his place in team while ashwin wasn’t even considered as reliable batsman as he is a bowler; what this bunch showed was a combination of aggression, grit, determination, patience & courage, this is what makes present Indian team so special & to be not just of proud but to learn from it!  If the earlier test win was historic, this is a historic draw as sometimes a match drawn is better than a match won!!  I always love test cricket as that's like life, it makes you face every aspect in the journey & tests you from all dimensions & makes you know yourself better with every day of that five day journey!!
Jio Team India, keep fighting!!...


Well, most readers will know the reference as in this country where movies & cricket are like oxygen & water for human living yet there always are few exceptions, for them, first sharing is about Indian cricket team winning 2nd test vs. Australia while first test we lost with the lowest ever score in our cricketing history. And the second sharing is we saved the third test fighting against all odds & the test is draw i.e. no team won yet the moral victory is of Indian team!


Now, one will ask what’s big deal, it was a game & games are to lose as well to win so sometimes you win sometimes you lose, what’s it related to real estate or say industry or our life? Indeed , my team (work team) also must have got this question in their minds when I distributed sweets to them for the victory in second test match but they didn’t asked (unfortunately though I am a regular boss, yet in this country you don’t ask questions to your boss, may it be a home or office, is a unsaid, unaccepted fact) yet I know the questions along with many other, in their mind & so there are many people around, even from real estate also who must be wondering about the co-relation between team India’s performance & situation or real estate industry!  Let me clear, first, this sharing is indirectly applicable for not just real estate but any profession or business or even normal life also & second, it’s not about performance or win or draw of team India but the attitude they displayed during these two games! As winning a game & drawing another doesn’t necessarily makes you best team or takes you to top of the world but then no battles is ever final, but it’s what we learn from that battle, surely is! This is exactly what I wanted to share as same like team India while real estate enters in to a New Year, the past (very recent past I mean) is like a nightmare with every possible negative thing happening on polices as well turnover as well hurdles front. The future looked even darker with unrest or say unease created due to unsuerity in the perspective buyer’s mind which directly getting reflected on their decision to buy a thing as costly as a home. At the same time the commitment under the hanging swords like RERA to the existing customers keeps hanging on the head along with the constantly ticking interest meters of the finance taken for the ongoing projects! And is this is not enough then there is no clarity if the policies regarding rules controlling the real estate like same development control rules over the State (as usual barring a few pockets) & merging / demerging of villages (I am referring to Pune real estate) so you are not sure whether to get your plans sanctioned & from which authority, & many more such aspects, all combine demoralizing to even the strongest of the developer (financially I meant)! 


And all such back-ground not just some pandemic but even the govt also keep charging on the industry like pace attack of Australian team testing the builders with short pitch deliveries along with spin magic of policies like a googly i.e. zero stamp duty for the customers & builders will pay that stamp duty to the govt if they avail the 50% discount on premiums! Well, well, what you can expect when the policy making squad includes our nemesis like Mr.Deepak Parkeh (sorry with due respect with his intentions & knowledge I said it) & then the very govt expects developers to make the homes affordable to the common man. One interesting thing is when it’s doing something good for real estate(making policies I mean), Mr. Parekh & all such names never suggest or come up with anything about reducing prices of basic material like steel, cement or say finance interest rates for real estate, I wonder why so! Anyways, that’s another aspect of sharing & if all this is not enough then there are local Bhai’s (Netas) ever demanding punters as well Right of Information Act named blackmailers (again keeping due respect to the genuine ones) whose only interest is fill their pockets than unearthing the wrong doings at the sites! Oh, yes then there is a monopolistic system of unending NOC’s & sanctions from many depts. (govt who else) which tests not just patience but every breath of the builder to get through that spell. And lastly there are clients (these are new age clients) which are ready to use their free Wi-Fi & go all guns behind the builder on social media for smallest mistake  he makes while communicating with them (again with due respect to the genuine problematic cases by the builders)! And then there is age old poor infrastructure issues right from delay in supply of electric meters to water supply & many such for which the builder is hanged by the clients & the media while fault lies with the system named govt!


And on such background the builder has to face the New Year where he is expected to fulfil his commitments about possession of the projects along with making some money for which he or she is in the business of real estate; isn’t the story line matches with team India’s battle going on recently in Australia! This is why I chose the example of team India’s attitude towards game which the real estate (read as builders) must adopt towards the business, as try to win the match is make some good money (no harm in it) & at the same time show enough grit to survive in the business as that is equally important because if you stay on the crease, only then you can win the match, is simple logic of the game! And for that as a builder one has to follow some basic rules of the trade which most of us has forgotten in last few decades! Don’t rush for any land deal as it’s the last piece of the land on the earth, don’t commit something which is in not your control or capacity (especially about infrastructure like roads or water supply types), try dealing in present & not in future. And most importantly be transparent with your customers & vendors & staff about your way of working & the goal you want to achieve as well keep be particular in communication!


Fortunately by now the vaccine is in market & that’s a big morale booster for the masses yet don’t forget this lock-down & pandemic has made a far bigger impact on the mindsets of the people than physical & though the wounds will heal yet the scars will be there for longer time than any one has expected. The spending will be value for the money & indeed residence of own will be a priority but home buying will be need-base strictly. So, while we buy any land do mind the needs as well budget aspect of the prospective home buyer while we design the project on it, something which we have forgotten to do in the past or say never needed to do in first place! As the govt also has burnt its pocket (reserves of the country) & will try to recover it by two ways, one is by taking out from our pockets by taxes, premiums & sess & at the same time by increasing FSI so more & more avenues will open for the development. But it’s a two way sword as more supply in the market means more options for the home buyers & lesser margin, I am sorry I am not some Warren Buffet to comment something on economy or finance but then when you are on pitch facing attack from both ends then it hardly matters whether you are playing for team India or for your own business team, all that matters is to save the team you are playing for & progress towards the target, isn’t it!


For the home buyers also this is testing time as if on one side they have to care for their career, future planning of their kids as well ever increasing expenses then on second side this is best of the times to buy home as everybody wants them to buy one, even the govt! Just do mind, when there are many options then to chose is more difficult than when there are fewer options as you have to choose wisely now! To conclude, I will recall reading a wonderful comment by historian Michael Woods about our country, “History is full of Empires of the Sword, but India alone created an Empire of Spirit”! Well, real estate, the team India has shown how to live by this quote, it’s time for us to show we too know to fight with the Spirit for the good cause & what better cause there can be than of a good home for everybody!



Sanjay Deshpande 

Sanjeevani Dev.

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