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Man, Vision & the City!



-When I got call from my media friend, Mahesh Devraj about their daily’s special edition at National level for Pune’s real estate, it was for discussing topics & what we should focus on. One good thing rather positive from the print news media is they have understood their  vital role in boosting moral of the masses  which is very important aspect for all businesses & not just the real estate. As people need to come out of the fear spread by not the pandemic & health issues but because of entire uncertainty it has created in all segments of the society. And when you are uncertain about the future then you don’t spend or you spend for only the essentials & many a times you get confused between what’s essential & what’s not; & in the process you tend to mark many really essential items also as non-essential & a home is not exception to this basic law!  So when a major news-paper is taking lead to make people know about importance of buying a home or to make common man aware about the scenario in real estate, then it’s definitely heartening as this is how we prosper as a society in totality!

 In the flow of discussion one name prominently came forward i.e. Mr Satish Magar, as a developer from Pune who is presently heading Credai National, is definitely matter of pride for the city &  to have his vision for this edition would be icing on the cake is what we agreed. And then Mahesh said why not you only conduct his interview as you know the city & development & you can explore best out of Mr Satish Magar which I agreed to though reluctantly as it was a tight rope walk actually because, Satishda (fondly we call him) is National Head of Developer’s Organization & to ask him about one city even though its where his business operates from, is like asking Hon Prime Minister about his constituency & that too as a PM & not as an MP!  And another issue is I have to be balanced while penning down things & not to try & get in to the shoes of Satishda (very unlikely & impossible job though) yet I accepted as its such interactions with personalities like Satish Magar ji (his National level name) which makes you not just a better builder, businessman but better human being too & here is outcome...


Pune, the Future of Real Estate; Vision of 

Mr.Satish Magar, President, CREDAI National!

...Sharing with Sanjay Deshpande.


“It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down. All that matters is you get up one more time than you were knocked down”... Roy T. Bennett


Roy T. Bennett is the author of The Light in the Heart. He loves sharing positive thoughts and creative insight that has helped countless people to live a successful and fulfilling life. He hopes that his writing will help you become what you are capable of becoming. And how we need this philosophy right now & by which our today’s guest lives literally, yes he is the man from farmer’s family in rural of Pune & today is President of Credai National an apex body of all the developers in the country, none other than our very own Satish Magar, known as Satish dada affectionately by his friend & enemies well, he has none, that’s his true success!


I am fortunate to learn a little about life which eventually has helped me to know some more little about business by being in company of Satish dada & maybe that’s why it’s an honour Express Group asked me to interview (well I prefer the term sharing) of Satish Dada regarding scene in real estate & views about Pune as emerging or say future of careers for many & a city of opportunity!  Well, here we go as neither myself nor Staish dada, are known for formality but when its print media that too for public then one needs to choose the words carefully, isn’t it?


1.    What is scene in the Metro cities on national level, infra as well jobs.., which cities you identify has  potential for real estate hubs?.. was my first question as Satish dada is National Head of  developer’s body, so he travels a lot & meet many segments of the society in entire country, so who better than him can comment on this! His reply was crisp & strait; sanjay, there are actually seven regions in the country where real estate has been always has strong foot hold, NCR i.e. National Capitol Region which includes Delhi & many Districts of Rajasthan , Haryana & Uttar Pradesh. Then Bangalore Metropolitian Regions, MMRDA i.e. Mumbai, Thane, New Mumbai region, Hyderabad, Chennai & Pune. Our Pune probably ranks 3rd or 4th & all these cities or regions have flourished as  people from entire country feel (a fact too) they have good infrastructure as well jobs & education, which are two basic things for any human being to migrate & settle down eventually. Most important thing about all these regions is only Pune is a city or regions which don’t have a tag of State or Central Capitol & yet compete with other regions. It has some plus points some disadvantages!



2. How do you look at Pune as a career place in comparison to other competitor cities?... As I said Pune doesn’t has status of either State or Central Capitol obviously the issues or say policies related to city or region don’t get the attention which a Capitol City gets but the Pune maintains charm of a town at heart yet being a Metro by size which many people feel good about as they easily gets connected with this city & it’s a major factor while you choose some region or city as your home town! Maharashtra being a progressive State where population has strong aspiration to do something better in life, that’s the key clientele flowing towards Pune & this city is unlike Mumbai, has its own face & charm too!


3. Which are the factors you think are very positive for selecting Pune as a base for the aspiring youngsters?... Pune has knowledge base industry & population. There are nearly seventeen Universities including the Govt’s own in Pune region providing working capital for all sorts of industries in the form of man-power! It’s this man power which is educated & cultured makes Pune as one of best cultured city & with man-power available for IT or Service or Production Industry & this is big strength of Pune. Then including INS Shivaji i.e. Navy’ base at Lonawala i.e. PMRDA, Pune has huge defence establishments & is the only city with three Cantonments in the country. The defence population here accounts for many developments as well gain popularity for the city across the country & is a potential clientele for many industries in the city.


4. What are the strong points & weak points of Pune as a city?... May it be a job or education, both career options are the best in Pune region & that’s very strong point of the city! As a youth come to this city for gaining knowledge may it be engineering, Management, Profession, Arts or any & then gets to make carer in the field in which he or she has taken knowledge, here only; what better thing can happen to you more than this! All you have to do then is select a good home & be settled here for life! On weak points we are unable to provide public infrastructure necessary for the population matching with the pace of developments the industries are doing & in future that may cost us dearly!



5. What do you suggest to overcome our weakness as City?... Infrastructure, I don’t call it as a weakness as compare to many other cities & regions Pune has much better infra , look at the water supply which is main thing for human settlement all over the world & Pune has ample sources of it. Problem is water distribution of this source evenly all around the region & it’s such issues of infra which needs to be dealt real fast. Then needless to say commuting, so ring road around the city which can be a big boost to the developments has to be made at fast pace. Pune has industrial growth nearly on three fourth of its periphery i.e. Mumbai-Pune, Bangalore High-Way & even Nagar Road i.e. heading towards Nagpur. The entire communication from Mumbai to Southern part of the country goes through Pune & with ring road in place it will save lots of time as for goods traffic & domestic also. Same way domestic airport is a must as not just Pune region but entire western Maharashtra population can use it! Then completing the Metro net work in Pune region as well use of river for river side roads also is a must as Pune has got river banks of nearly 50 plus kilometres length & can be of great use for commuting without hassle from one end to another end of the region. Main issue is will of making & implementing the policies both political & bureaucratic also, to do something good for not just some industry but for comfort of entire population of the region! As well we need public cry for demanding better infra from the taxes they pay to the system! 

 6. What is your view about buying a home at this time in Pune region?


Well, as a builder by myself, I will always say go ahead & buy a home & this is the best time but instead going by what I say, first ask this question to your own-self is what I will advise to the home buyers. Even the government has reduced stamp duty to mere 3 % from 7% which is a big saving & most developers are charging just 6% GST i.e. out of 12% the developers are sharing 50% of GST, all these factors are in the benefit of the home buyers only! At the same time many service sector companies & IT companies are offering people to work from home so there will be saving in time as well money which or else used to waste in commuting to the workplace! And when you buy a home then it’s your best asset also as well your own home is a place which always welcomes you & nobody can ask you to vacate it, which is the most comforting feeling in every adverse time & not just present one! Even you can book for nearing possession projects also as if you are thinking of saving on GST then do mind you will lose it on Stamp Duty savings which are for a limited period as well when you go for completed project then many a times you have to compromise on the choice of floor as well direction. And then as I mentioned earlier everything right from water to weather to education to job is here for settling down in life, all you need is a home of your own! All I want to share is, decide & act fast though not hastily, when it's home buying!




7. What is your message to real estate developers as well other businesses in Pune region to brace for post Covid thing?... Sanjay, I am not some political party’s leader or Spiritual Guru to give a message but all I want to share is Covid or say post Covid is a phase & it will go. Man is a social animal & will never be comfortable in isolation is a fact & that needs homes, work places, entertainment, socializing places & many such & wherever human settlements are there all these are part of the life! Unlike all other animals we the humans evolve on our own while other species mostly survive on reaction. For e.g. a tiger or a leopard hunts only when its hungry but humans build homes & store foods for the hunger which if future even however near i.e. in next few hours or days! So, the need of a home is a basic need to secure our future which always will be there, only thing is life style will take some corrective steps & same will reflect in the owning a home also which will remain safest & best place too! As well spending will be bit careful for a while on any front but why a man earns for if there is not some enjoyment in life with your family & friends, isn’t it? All we have to do is look at our products, understanding the changed format of human needs & things will be on track again!


On the personal note at Credai we have been always working to make homes affordable for both segments i.e. developers & home buyers; as any deal must be  a win-win situation. Government also needs to understand this aspect of the business & look at real estate like other blue eyes industries, as a home is the primary need of every citizen & a builder is facilitating it actually! Also speaking about my own work, we have planted some 25,000 plus trees in & around Magarpatta City Development & made them grow & I appeal to each of us for joining hands for conservation of nature by every possible way! 


Thanks a lot & all good wishes!


Satish Magar, President Credai National.


My take away from this sharing is, we may have been discussed about Pune but the logic is applicable to any city & that’s why this sharing is for every real estate person, not just the builders but home buyers as well allied industries & traders related to real estate! As well such study about the society you are living is helpful for all the trades & industries & it does enrich me a lot! Real estate that way is very local business yet considering the stakes involved & changing clientele the challenges are immense & so are opportunities. Pune indeed has loads of prospects to grow & any city or a region when it grows in healthy manner then every segment associated or part of the region also prospers, only if we understand the proper way to prosper & that’s what growth is!



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