Sunday, August 23, 2020

Your Asset Named Home!

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."... Anne Bradstreet.

Anne Bradstreet was the most prominent of early English poets of North America and first writer in England's North American colonies to be published. She is the first Puritan figure in American Literature and notable for her large corpus of poetry, as well as personal writings published posthumously. Indeed, such wonderful words which are path lightening in the darkness around but as usual never been read or referred by the real estate guys as we are never famous for reading or refer literature or any such thing. But I always think, the reason for entire image of real estate (read as builders) is not so good or doesn’t get respect in the eyes of our rulers or media & that in the eyes of common man lies in many such small aspects of life which we the real estaters' always neglected as our image is powerful, money mongols & who thinks anything can be done with only one weapon i.e. money! Sorry guys, it may sound harsh but that’s a fact, ask any of your friends or faces you meet around & if he or she dares to answer freely you will know why I said so! Ok, it’s not about bashing the builders or real estate but it’s about the real estate or say homes & the home buyers & as they are clients of real estate, so I thought first we must acknowledge what state we are in or say our weaknesses & that always hurts, as again accepting our flaws was never our forte! Now, when we are at the end of the tunnel named lockdown though the so called virus’s & epidemic fear or say threat still is looming around yet people have accepted the virus & slowly life is coming to track (too slow though) with the acceptance of the epidemic along.

So obviously every segment (read as business) is interested now in only one single thing, what will be my business’s future & how I or we will be covering up the losses incurred in last six months! Well, for real estate actually the lockdown started way before March 20, we can call that as slowdown if lockdown term hurts. This is, as I was all the time referring, a scene like war & now when we are looking at post-war, lets count the damage the war has made on both sides i.e. real estaters' (builders) & its clientele! As then only we can prepare ourselves for the damage control & after that we can think of making money i.e. profits & this is true again for even home buyer also! 

Now,a home buyer will ask, how the hell I can make profit by buying a home, isn’t it my all life time’s earning I am going to spend for it, where is the profit left then for me! This seems to be new gimmick by the builders only, this also some (actually many) Punekar flat buyers can comment & I don’t blame them! Well, here is where the time has come to look at home buying differently; as let me ask you, why we buy gold, which is a most common thing in our middle or higher middle class families! It’s for marriage or for emergency & when actual emergency comes, most people end up taking loans than selling the gold is a fact, so in nut-shell we buy gold for our mental peace actually, which a mental strength for us that we have gold with us to make us able to face any emergency i.e. illness, job loss, business loss, marriage expenses etc! Here we never think that gold prices has been stable for more than four years now & even reduced also though right now its again has gone sky rocketing, nearly doubled over the span of just five months & we all know the reason i.e. uncertainty around. Now tell me which middle class of higher middle class families has sold their gold just as the prices has got doubled, not many I am sure as all this profit has been made by the investors of the gold! Same is the scene in real estate, it’s always who invest for selling a home (read as flat/plot/shop/ office) who ends up making the money as the one who buys it for residing never thinks of selling his or her home, is a fact just the way it’s with the gold!

Now tell me, what is your best strength when you are worried about losing your job or your business or income may it be coming from salary or business or profession & the times are hard for everybody not just for you! Will you be comfortable with a rental flat where you fixed outgoing is there or with a home or office of your own from where nobody can vacate you ever & if you decide to sale it & switch over to some other location you can actually make a profitable deal by little compromise, think over! Now, again many will say why compromise, well even when you sale your gold (in case) don’t you accept forgiving making charges or "wadh-ghat" in gold (sorry couldn’t find parallel term in English, may be impurity or something like that) ornaments you have? Same is here, a good home or office may make you some loss in compare to your expectation but the price you have bought & you sale, always makes you on winning side is a fact & then you can also negotiate with the seller when you buy another home from sale of yours, isn’t it? Important is to have a solid asset with you which will make you feel comfortable while dealing with any adverse situation in life & nothing better than a home or workplace of your own can match it!

Again I am not writing this to promote real estate or builders, though I am one is a fact yet whatever I shared, don’t accept it blindly but apply your own brains, analyze it & share with your friends what you feel more than that act! I deliberately gave example of gold or else there are better avenues like shares & mutual funds but you don’t use them along as you can’t live in share certificates of FD’s or bonds while you have them, its only gold & a home which serves that purpose. Well again here a home scores over gold as unlike gold no one can steal your home & that makes a home as one of the full proof investment along with a necessity! And then a home was, is & will be always different than any other commodity or investment as here you can share your best of the moments with your own people, can any other valuable thing, even a Koah-E – Noor diamond will give you that satisfaction or peace, ask yourself!

And all you have to do is choose wisely while you select a home for your own self, just see that it has value for your money on location, time , amenities as well rate front. Agreed the problem with real estate (read as home) is, it doesn’t comes with M. R. P. i.e. market retail price tag & that’s true all around the world. No two homes can be exactly similar priced or can be compared, as lots of factors including land price to construction to rules & regulations are involved in making a home so that affects pricing pattern of a home. Yet you can go by general comparison & that’s why more than what price a builder is quoting, you should go for what price you are ready to pay for a home on the factors you have set for a good home, is what I will advise! And yes, pedigree of the developer does counts in the long run which many people ignore & the very same people thinks of origin of vegetable while buying one or that of a pet like dog but not with home!

So guys go ahead, the war of epidemic is not over though its nearing the end but the wounds won’t heal fast & the scars are bound to be there for a while but the life won’t stop is a fact. As Anne Bradstreet has written, if your want to enjoy the prosperity then some adversity is a must & what better than home of your own to enjoy the prospering times, mind it!
Sanjay Deshpande 
Sanjeevani Dev.

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