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Mulshi Pattern ; Learning Lesson for Real Estate!

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”... Nelson Mandela.

Well, many will wonder above words which came from a man who believes in peace & was a strong follower of Mahatma Gandhi & his philosophy but indeed they are by Nelson Mandela, Noble Prize winner for Peace & who came in ruling in country like South Africa which was supposedly ruled by outlaws! And no wonder its Mandela’s above quote which has been backbone (read Salim Javed) for our Bollywood movies for decades & has given us Super Stars like AB & many more! I am sure at least my genre which is around both sides of fifty must have guessed the theme, “aadmi padiaishi gunehagar nahi hota, halat use bana dete hai” i.e. no man is born criminal, it’s the situation which makes him so! For decades Bollywood cinemas has been build on this one sentence & kept box office ringing & the skill of the director, scrip writer is to present this one sentence with different ”Tadaka” every time!
I happen to watch Mulshi Pattern, a Marathi version of this theme & indeed for the first time, Marathi has produced a real life crime thriller, I must say. I am big fan of movies but off late have not been having much of exposure of Marathi movies & the fault lays with me entirely & my first encounter with MP (nickname Mulshi Pattern) was through a You Tube item song of few Bhai’s dancing on a tune which was about builders & there image in society! It was annoying at first sight as indeed builders definitely are no saints but as it’s my profession too I thought the picturisition is bit over portraying builders as other side of gangster. But then in most recent films the profession of main villain is no more smuggler or drug paddler or just a robber (Daku) who comes by boat or ride horses & fires guns in the air & threatens common people. Now the villain sits in posh offices under name board of some Malhotra Developers or Thapar Infra & drives a Merc or BMW Sedan chauffer driven, with immaculate dressing & soft spoken. He isn’t needed to carry a gun even for self protection but has own bodyguards who does all safety thing for him & he sent army of bulldozers & JCB’s to harm common people now. Oh yes, he has fleet of Lawyers & CAs’ too,  to fight for  him the legal & financial battles as well he has ties with gangsters but he is not one!

This aspect has been also now common in Bollywood & right from Satya to Sarakar Raj, builders are best villains has been accepted by masses but Marathi Movies hasn’t yet used the Mandela philosophy so strongly & after watching that song clip (Bhai Ka Birthday) I decided to watch the movie & full marks for MP team as the powerful way MP has lived by Mandela quote! Joke is though this Builder-Bhai (a term used for gangster in Marathi) relation has started from “Aamchi Mumbai’ i.e. from Bombay real estate,  yet rarely it’s been reflected in Marathi movie industry & when its recent crime & business in hand (sorry fellow developers) how we can forget our Pune also where real estate is booming! Any field which makes money more than its worth always attracts wrong elements & real estate is best example of it! At the same time if you push someone to limit then that someone also can be your most dangerous enemy, this a wise man always know & never push anybody to that limit but then real estate rarely has wise men! Outcome was using all wrong means to acquire lands which are raw material for real estate instead using good business practises, something which real estate was any way known for! And it’s this greed of few bad men (read as builders) which push a common man Rahul alias Rahulya to become a Bhai & his journey towards his own destruction is MP.

Interestingt part is even being a very local backdrop i.e. Mulshi is a Taluka near Pune where land deals majorly has gone sour due to sudden rise of land prices & presence of every bad element which comes with fast money, yet the story appealed to each one from rural to Metro city because most of the characters in the script we see every day around! Right from Nanyabhai & his mates & his birthday parties where builders to politicians rush to make the appearance & even the police officer’s characters are interesting. Frankly every character in the script has met us somewhere in some form, may be even via some Bollywood movie yet here in MP you feel the closeness & that’s the best part of it. And then there is no hero here in MP as everyone is hero & villain too, as the line between goodness & badness merges for every character at some point! Basically why MP appealed to most of the classes is not just people love crime & builders & gangsters, that they do any way but what people must have liked ( I do) is, each of us can correlate with the characters in MV as we all do things as per our convenience & blame it on situation! Whereas life always gives us choices but we conveniently use easy option & try to prove our self right. The relationship between Rahulya & his watchman cum labour at market yard as well ex chief of village father reminds you Bachaan & Rohini Hattangadi in Agnipath yet it touches you equally as many of us may not be exactly bhai or gangster but we do change sides of right & wrong where as our earlier genre was much sorted out on this front & that’s why if not happy was mostly at peace & we search for peace with every pleasure avenue available to us!

Even the policemen’s chemistry is wonderful as it’s easy to blame the police for every crime happening around (well, like builder this is also mostly true) yet when entire society is fan of a criminal the task of policing becomes real tough. The scene in which that Inspector gets out bhaigiri craze from the mind of a teenager by humiliating a bhai in front of all in the police station is wonderful & a must show to many teens whose aspiration is to become a bhai & move around with people giving them way out of fear! Even the heroine i.e. the woman in the life of main character i.e. Rahulya has shown choosing her own way to fight with disparity & yet keeping the bond with rahulya as somewhere she knows he too is a good man within!

Coming to the main tow characters i.e. Rahulya the supposedly hero of the movie & inspector Vitthal which is like central character through which the script moves ahead. Best thing about bhaigiri in MP the way a fearful bhai has shown running for his life & around that run entire story opens up as by me the message is very clear, you may fear few people with a gang & some weapons but at the end you also are a common man who has to run for your life when things goes against, so the Rahulya is shown doing! Inspector Vitthal is like Krishna of Mahabharata, he himself has his own morals, values & philosophy but he has framed it in his own law book of life as when he could have save Rahulya from the rival gang, he doesn’t at that point somewhere he also changes the sides with so called law & here is where you come to know that law & justice are not always same side of the coin! Needless to say again the end is like we have seen where the negative or say dark sided hero ends his life at mostly at the hands of law (Shakti, Satya, Apaharan & many) but here in MP the system which makes a Bhai, that only kills the bad hero! And to show the bhai hero getting killed at the hands of a school boy with gun, whether it’s right or wrong, is something can be debated but that’s the fact around as that school boy also has shown a past victim of crime the same path which has drawn rahulya on the path of bhaigiri!

Last but a must mention, characters of rahulya as best buddy Ganya &  advocate of the gangsters the Vakil; well again we have seen even the baddest of gangsters having buddies who gives life for them & so Ganya does in the movie making me always question about what we call best friend or a buddy! Whether he (or she) is a guy who stands beside you even when you are wrong path & prefer to meet the end with you or whether he crosses your path & try to pull you out from the wrong track & in process carries a threat of losing you as a friend! Well, till now I opt for the later, maybe that’s what we call outcome of good or right upbringing i.e. in Marathi “Sanskar”! And about Vakil, it’s the perfect character the system named crime produces as frankly keeping full respect for judicially or the law or right of the individual, you call anything to it but if you can lawfully prove some murderer as innocent, what will you call such person or a the system which allows such person to be successful in doing what he does! Frankly I don’t have an answer yet, but the Vakil character made me think on this aspect of life once again is a fact!

And to conclude, what’s take away from the MP apart from it’s a good entertainer? Every teen or a school goer or even the youngsters who says the system sucks & can’t give them justice so they believe in delivering their own justice, well answer for them is there are better ways to get justice than just taking a gun in hand & grabbing it! The right way to face adversities in life may be tough but that the way which some day eventually will take you to your destination! And for the real estate guys, the line between aspiring to be a successful businessman & greed is very thin, & one never knows when he or she crosses it & that’s why that line must be drawn very clearly & right from beginning in your mind, is the take away from the movie! I think one of the producers is himself a builder & that’s why the subject real estate or land was handled so perfectly & yes, full marks to nanyabhai who is director also of the movie to remain a puppet handler & make every more to perfection! Indeed every movie is made for entertainment of the masses but when it delivers some good message or philosophy also along, well that’s what we call icing on the cake, isn’t it, so is Mulshi Pattern!
Sanjay Deshpande 
Sanjeevani Dev.

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