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Hon. Prime Minister Sir, Lets Do This on 15th August!!

“It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.” … J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

No need to introduce our times greatest fairy tell story writer, creator of the wizard Harry Potter i.e. the “chosen one” whose stories not only make kids travel in dream lands but the philosophy of life’s every aspect her books have touched, makes them worth readable for even the grownups!

Friends, why I remembered Rowling’s above quote is a SMS, I received from PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) on my cell phone & sure I wasn’t the only one who has received this SMS as thanks to our tech savvy PM, he doesn’t leave any stone unturned to reach out to share his views with citizens, “Man ki Baat” on the radio channels on every Sunday 11 am, is classic example of the same! This year also as per his tradition Hon PM has invited opinions about topics to be covered in his speech of 15th August i.e. our Independence Day! And for that MyGov app has been created, so citizens can reach to PM; I have downloaded this app & it’s really a great job I must say. People also have responded in great way with suggestions flooding & you can see as well comment on the suggestions & thousands of them are there! Though it’s just part of speech & not solution to what problem you have got with the country,  yet I think as a citizen we should contribute because each of us has hundreds of problems when it’s our country but how many times we offer solutions which are practical & not just emotional or hypothetical, do ask our own self! 

There have been issues like agricultural products rates to condition of general class in railways; one can see cross section of what we the Indians, thinks about our surroundings from the suggestions on MyGov app for PM’s speech! One noticeable thing is whenever you ask someone about his or her suggestions, then people take it as complaint & just one look at these suggestions; all they speak about the problems only! Not one suggestion I saw starting with some positive comment about something good has been happened in this country or with the person making suggestion, I think that’s one curse we as a society have got, that we have forgotten to look at life’s brighter side! Many will say (read most) that what is good to speak around, see the rates of every commodity rising, on the top of it there are taxes (GST specifically), jobs are getting scarce, we have problems of traffic, railways are always full, education is getting so costly & then what about medical facilities & what not! 

Today a farmer has worries about rains & if rains are good then there is over production & reducing rates of the grains or agro products becomes a problem. Same is with milk products, either there is shortage or there is scarcity of milk, affecting the milk producers. The businessmen are worried about the taxes & high interest rates on finance they have taken as well the License Raj & corruption along!  Even the professionals like doctors are worried about high establishment costs & then the increasing legal hassles as well suffering due to violent reactions prom patient’s keens! The blue chip IT companies are bothered about our foreign policies as well ever decreasing rates of Rupee in comparison with USD & high salary packages by their employees & the Auto industry is worried about ever increasing prices of fuel like Petrol & Diesel & power supply along with labor unions issues. The real estate is worried about increasing costs of labor & raw materials, making the end product i.e. “Home” out of budget of buyers as the sales of flats is been dropping along with the prices! The banks are worried about managing NP accounts, reduced loan takers & yet to show the balance sheets which will make people deposit their hard earned money with these banks! Even the safest placed “Sarakari Babus” i.e. govt servants are worried about meeting the targets, complaints in ACB, rights of information act & their 5th, 6th or 7th pay commission & yes promotion policies is always an issue! Lastly the so called common man who is a salaried person in some private sector or a rikshawala or a small merchant, is worried about everything right from his job (read daily earnings) to managing fronts like kids’ education, daily grocery purchases & installments of his one bhk home as well the fuel in his vehicles which he has to use because of lack of public transport! On the top of everything, the Govt (read MP’s MLA’s in ruling) itself is worried about reduced revenues, huge loss making public sector companies the govt managing (read feeding i.e. Air India), salaries of its govt employees, creating new jobs as well a huge job of keeping 120 plus crore citizens happy! PM Sir don’t mind, this is what our country is & it’s no fault of yours!

Speak with any person you come across on road, in public bus service, even in air travel (which was supposed to be for riches only) & ask how his or her business, profession or job is going on & 99% will reply, “It sucks”! Is there not a single person happy in this country, is what I wonder but then that’s tendency of the masses! People are always eager to speak about the problems they are facing as well about their sufferings & feel happy by doing so. Seldom will you find someone thanking his luck or god (never govt) for giving him or her good life, that’s the way human psychology works & when PM himself asking for issues then problems only are bound to get poured! So PM sir please don’t expect solutions to the problems country is facing or positive remarks for the efforts you & your team are taking but I will urge you to appeal people for being positive towards the goal you want to achieve for our country!

I have suggested two issues, one is appeal for every citizen to follow the rule when outside of home & that is "One Country One Religion" & that will we be Indian! As look at USA, the citizens may be Catholic, Protestant, Muslim or Buddhism, Jew or Hindu but on their religion doesn’t gets out of the four walls of their homes & on road all are just Americans! But here in our country ask any person, what you are & the answer will be I am Brahmin, Maratha, Marwari, Jain or Bengali & what not but Indian! As in addition to the religion we have a cancer named caste which has become biggest hurdle in uniting our country & if unity is strength then we are fast killing our own strength! And then it’s this caste system which makes two people enemies of each other; as the reservation in education to govt job to promotions, are byproducts of caste system. No, I won’t ever say there should not be reservation (though in no developed countries reservation concept exists on caste or religion) but looking at the disparity in our society, reservation has to be there just like support to needy ones! Unfortunately this support seems has become right of few & people are using it like crutches than trying to stand on their feet! And remember one thing Sir, till one caste is getting reservation then other castes will always have hatred for that caste & the country will be never really at peace! Let’s not forget peace is not absence of disputes or violence but its presence of justice! So please appeal to our fellow citizens that reservation by caste is not ever going to solve the problems in-front of the country but a system identifying & supporting the real needy ones is the thing we should focus on! And yes no politician however he (or she) agrees with this logic will try to touch caste system as it’s nearly an impossible job & which may cost a politician his career but then Modi Sir, History is created by doing impossible jobs only, which you can!

Second issue is population as we all love children (reflection of god, we call them) but someday every child is going to grow & then if it won’t get enough space of his or hers then it will becomes a burden on the earth! Here space meant in education, in food, in residing everywhere & it’s this ever increasing population which is killing our nature. As to give space to this population we need to cut trees, pollute our water resources & encroach mountains & hills! And with ever increasing useless population it is impossible for any government to provide basic infrastructure to this population making it turn in worst weapon as this jobless, education less population only which becomes mob gets active when any protest turns destructive destructing everything, especially the togetherness of the society! Today why are we facing problems of reservation more strongly than ever before as every person of every caste & religion wants his or her growing space everywhere! Today this uncontrolled population’s fight is for reservation in education & jobs, tomorrow this fight for survival will gulp everything right from food to sports & then it will be too late to control the damage as all we will be left with is hatred between the individuals under the name of caste & religion!  PM Sir, all you can do is, appeal people to make them aware as well the system named govt, to control the population of this country & importance of having one religion i.e. Indian, as then only we can afford to dream for healthy & peacefully strong India!

I know, I am asking for too much & one man won’t make the difference yet that one man is a must as however big & strong an army may be yet it’s like headless body without its General to guide that army in right direction in the battle!
Unfortunately both the issues  i.e. caste system & population control has become like taboo for our politicians as the one who will touch them has every danger of getting swallowed by himself by those issues. But then that’s price of being PM of country like India, provided you want to create a history which will take your name with respect & that respect wouldn’t be for your caste or religion or restricted for having a photo-frame in every govt office but that respect will come from within by every citizen who will proudly can say that his or her caste as well religion is Indian! My all wishes for your speech on 15th Aug 18 as well times ahead!

Sanjay Deshpande 

Sanjeevani Dev.

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