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JEE, CET, NEET Vs Happiness!

“Believe me, my journey has not been a simple journey of progress. There have been many ups and downs, and it is the choices that I made at each of those times that have helped shape what I have achieved”... Satya Nadella.

The boy from Hyderabad is an Indian American business executive. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, succeeding Steve Ballmer in 2014. With salary $84.30 million per year & net worth of $ 1.34 billion, Nadella attended the Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet before receiving a bachelor's in electrical engineering from the Manipal Institute of Technology (then part of Mangalore University), in 1988  Nadella subsequently traveled to the U.S. to study for a M.S. in computer science at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, receiving his degree in 1990. Later, he received an MBA from the University of Chicago. No wonder it’s the dream stories like Nadealla & Sundar Pichaii of Goggle which has made the month of June more awaited for terms like JEE, CET & NEET than Monsoon for the country which was known for its agricultural heritage few decades back! There are still few poor souls who are ignorant about these terminologies well for them, JEE; CET & NEET are the short forms of entrance exams which are gateway for the studies abroad as well for branches of engineering & medical. These exams are now a day’s conducted at Central (country) level across the country & if you qualify them then only you can think of becoming Nadella! Obvious that more than the students their parents are more stressed as in our country main aim (goal of living) of every generations is not about self thinking but to secure our next generations future  & for that they are ready to ruin theirs as well their kids present! No more now kids awaits for 10th or 12th standard’s results, they are still important but they are of no use to get you a ticket for or so called elite courses. The moment JEE’s results are announced news papers are filled with the full page advertisements of toppers which are claimed to be from more than one number of coaching classes & parents rush to stand in queue for these classes! We the Indian parents are really unique specie, first we make the our son/daughter ride on wave of competition & make them try like its last exam of their life & when they couldn’t succeed then we are worried about them for falling down from the very same horse & run to the counselors to pull them out from the depression created by not performing to expectations (don’t ask whose expectations)!

I don’t mean that there should not be competition neither I am against of any parent thinking about bright future of their kid, I am also no exception to that but are we really prepared for this grind is what I will like to ask & what cost we are paying just to make our son score something big in such entrance exam, is what I will surely ask to all the aspiring parents! Whether the pattern of this exam is right or wrong isn’t my jurisdiction as our generation has seen only one exam type thing & that was Board’s exam, at 10th & 12th, that was all which was supposed to be the qualifying criteria for higher education but with every branch & institute having their own entrance exam, somewhere we are killing the students appearing for the same is what I feel. Agreed many will say this is one way creating many opportunities for the students instead going by just one exam but then one can always take second chance, just the way it used to be in our times for 12th!  My point is, why some branches of education should be monopoly of just few minds, don’t you think it’s high time that our country’s rulers should think on this aspect of education! And if every better brain goes to some branch of engineering or medical because it milks more money than other branches which we call as successful career then are we not killing improvement of other branches like pure science or arts? Because of all so called JEE, NEET, CET qualifiers goes to abroad, engineering or medical (99% of them do go) then have we thought what is left for all other branches in the country & what will be future of those branches as education as career? Its only the good brains in a particular branch is what makes that branch flourish further ahead & we are neglecting this very fact of development of the knowledge tree by focusing all our so called vision around just two or three branches of the tree named knowledge! I won’t blame the parents or students as, “what you do with a commerce degree or arts or science degree?”, is the question often asked when any student decides to go for these branches. And I think this question shows failure of our rulers on the front of education; because a society is made up of every branch of knowledge & not just by engineering & medical! Just the way a fertile land (read soil) won't remain fertile if only cash crops like Sugarcane or Grapes are sowed but you need all types of crops to retain the fertility of the land, same way it’s for education or going ahead say the culture of the society! Imagine what will happen if there are only engineers & doctors around then who will grow crops, who will teach us languages, who will keep our accounts & who will make us understand philosophy of the life?

I think need of the time is we as a parent must understand ultimately in any education it’s the knowledge which important & then comes the application of the knowledge to make the surrounding better world as that’s what success means! Indeed in the process salary package does count but if you know how to use you knowledge then salary does follow despite what branch you are in! At the same time make our kids know that competition is must but equally important is understanding our own capacities as well liking as one day you will have a million dollar salary package with the degree under your belt but you won’t be the happiest person around, sure that day you will realize even million dollars cant make you happy but that day it will be too late!

Sharing something I wrote to my niece after her NEET results as I think I want the kids around happy & not just successful & that’s duty of every parent around…

8 6 18

dear rutul,

Congrats for doing good in 12th exam & NEET, anyways I never believed in one qualifying exams outcome defining you or any kid! By the way you might be surprised by receiving a letter from me but I like to share my views with kids as I write to  rohit, rohan as well my nephew & niece too much often! I have been helping your mom & dad about your BDs as well mbbs admission via some of my friends & let me tell you I am not writing you about becoming a doctor & how important it is to chose medical or any such line as I feel some paths are destined & all we can do is just push ourselves to our limits to give our best. It’s not important what field you chose but what you do after you have chosen any field is what defines you. Rutul I am diehard fan of cartoon movies rather animation movies & super heroes as they give me immense motivation. When all these kids were small, I use to take all of them together to every disney or pixar movies & still I do, surely will take you & aryan some time! Do you know what these movies like Zutopia or Good Dinosaur or even Avengers teaches me, that all you need is a good heart & sincere effort to succeed! 

And what our parents wants from us but we succeed on the path which we have chosen. Fortunately you genre doesn’t have to struggle the way you parents have required to do to find a footing in first place to stand & that’s no fault of yours as each generation has different challenges. Your generations challenge is you have options which we weren’t having & that’s what makes your job more difficult than ours! As your kaka all I will say is understand what you are & what you can do & don’t underestimate your own self as today you may chose an easy option just out of fear that difficult option you won’t be able to live by but few years ahead when you look back then you will realize you could have easily done what you feared as difficult! And remember one thing you can’t do with whatever power you have, that is you can’t change your past! Rutul, I have seen some life & do you know most people have failed not because they didn’t have capacity to perform but just because they didn’t have confidence in themselves that they can do it! 

So do think on the lines that how you can get best out of you & obvious the more hard the polishing machine the better shine a metal gets. Here polish machine & to be polished metal both resides in you only, that’s the best fun of life! Go ahead chose without fear & then you will realize life is wonderful & what more your parents can be expecting from you than you doing best in whatever you are doing! 

I will be sending you few letters I have written to rohan, as I write them on every birthday, do read them & then you will know all parents are same, so are all kids & we were also no exception for our parents only thing was we were lucky to have less options & we feared more to our parents than to challenges! All the best...

sanjay kaka

    Sanjay Deshpande 
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