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Understanding Three "R" s of Life!



                         Happy B’day Rohit!

12th May 2018,

“Sure, in a ninja's world, those who violate the rules and fail to follow orders...are lower than garbage. However...those who do not care for and support their fellows...are even lower than that!"; “Obito Uchiha”… Masashi Kishimoto.

Dear Dada,

Sure you know this name, Masashi Kishimoto who is creator of Naruto, & what better quote I could have used than him to write you on your 23rd B’day!  Frankly I don’t follow Naruto but from DP’s of yours & chota  I am getting fling of it & that made me to make little research about this comic series which is now video game too as well movies & web series also! No wonder the philosophy matches with what I have read in last many years as well my own favorite, Zen Speaks as Masashi is an artist first & a Zen researcher as well! Success of Masashi is he gave your genre’s touch to Zen & created Naruto, as or else how he could have made you love it; but do mind all far eastern philosophies are connected by same thread & that’s self understanding! Another aspect of it is you understand it perfectly while reading Zen Speaks or watching Naruto’s episodes as every character speaks life’s philosophy in your words & you get connected to the same very easily but real question is how many people can practice it by themselves?

Now it must be ten years I am writing to you on your birthdays & I am happy that finally its time where I can spend a full paragraph on philosophy because what better thing a father can teach or share or leave behind for his son than philosophy! Dada, this year will be the first when you will be all alone, I mean with no family member around you on your b’day & I hope this will make you realize meaning of all the quotes which reflects philosophy in Naruto. If I am not wrong most of them are to make you understand life through three R’s ie relations, responsibility & respect. Dada, in life first comes relations as right from the parents who is your gate-way to surface in this mortal world & who eventually becomes your father & mother to every character which enters in your life as you grow by years, is related to you in some way or other. And then there are many characters which may not be related to you by blood or under name of family but they can be your friends, collogues, fellow or even your neighbors too! But this doesn’t mean they are not related to you, they are very much, it’s just some relations don’t have to be named but they have to be understood. And that way even a enemy also is related to you as while battling with him (or her) you develop a bond with him, & what is a relation after all but a bond, unseen most of the time! Now you must have understood entire your life starts with first “R” i.e. a relation!

And then you meet with second “R’ which is responsibility & let me tell you this word is the life, as to get related with people most a times isn’t in control of yours but whether you are responsible towards that relation is only in your control! Dada, responsibility is very funny thing as it’s either there or its not; you can’t ever be part responsible towards anything is something I myself have started to believe! And then what is responsibility towards a relation, I think Masashi in his above quote has explained in simplest words i.e. if you don’t care & support to your fellows then you are below everything. And who are your fellows but the numbers of relations you created around you under the name of father, mother, teacher, brother, friend & the list goes on. And do mind one thing, a support or care is something you can’t define for others as unless other person feels you are caring for him & supporting him, you may burn your heart out but it has no meaning! So first you will have to understand the other person & what he or she expects from you in a relation & then decide course of your actions that is what being responsible is! And for that you will have to learn to be responsible with your own-self first because the first person you are related with is, you only! I hope you understand what I meant by this most weird statement you might have come across but then that will decide how much you have really read Naruto & understand it! I wish some day when I will grow old you to read me this line about being related to yourself & share what you have understood, that will be my most treasured moment!

And when you have conquered the first two “R”s the third “R” will follow you & that is respect. Dada, I have seen not much life or met big people (read wise or learned people) but one thing I surely have understood by myself & that is a respect which comes to you without responsibility never remains with you for long! You are matured enough to understand what I meant as you will see thousands of examples around who fall from the top just because they were not responsible to the position they were in! As my son, I will never expect you to become rich or wise or having big name in movies (the way you want), sure all these tags of yours will make me happy but if all I want you to become is earn respect in your own eyes first as then later even if not single soul calls you big yet you would earn respect from your father, is I can assure you on this day! And do mind to earn respect in your own eyes for yourself,  you will have to battle maximum enemies which reside in you only under the names like ego, temper, greed, eagerness to succeed & even self pitying too, are just few of them. Beta, once you have been through this battle then what remains of you will decide what you have become & do mind most people in first place never understands this battle within & most usually succumbs to one of the above enemies & then for them respect is money, position, power or praise they get from others!

I think by now you must have been exhausted with the battle which you are having with my words, so I stop here! Just mind one thing, why I take efforts to write is spoken words rarely remains with us (though that’s one sign of responsibility, to remember what has been said to you) but written words you can preserve & reread & many a times they show you different light. Funny isn’t it, writing in a way is just like the traffic signal which holds all three colors, but sometimes its red asking you to stop, sometimes its green allowing you to move ahead & sometimes its yellow making you cautious about your speed & then sometimes its red asking you to stop, same way the written words guides you differently when read at different times! As your father I will always love to see you speeding towards you goal with green light but with caution as I don’t want you to jump a red signal, if at all sometime life asks you to stop for a while! Just on a passingnote, you also have a "R" in you, so if you master three "R"s then that's what will make your "R" complete! (well, you can take this as PJ i.e. poor joke also)

And as usual above words are mine but feelings behind them is from all i.e. aai, chota, aaji, abbu, aatya, bhikya, ketki & everyone who loves you the way you are!  And yes thanks a ton for introducing me with Naruto which has refined my love for philosophy with younger genre's dimension, by the way you can always share Naruto's new quotes instead making me download your DP’s, which can be my return gift from you! N’joy & stay blessed…Love.


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