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Employer, Employee & Increment!

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”… Barack Obama.

Sure no need to introduce this name as it has been USA’S President for eight years & more than that without controversy, which is most important for any power yielding position around the world! And its words from such personalities which helps us in choosing the right path especially when it’s about work! Friends we all work in some or other role & for some reason; most of us, when asked, “Why are you working?” will reply as, “to earn money”! Well I too am not different as yes I also work to make money but very few of us understands money is one of the outcomes of the work! As when we don’t have got money (read as enough money, again this line one has to mark for oneself) it remains prime object of working, whatever philosophy you may be reading or listening. But later on one starts realizing, money is important but it can’t be forever driving force behind our work. Or else there wouldn’t have been things like depression or frustration or fatigue even with the fat salary package people! So the most important question, if you are an employee or an employer is irrelevant & that is why are you working? I think things are easy (I mean on routine part) if you are a employee, though many won’t agree with me, even I myself won’t agree with me but that’s different aspect, what I meant is when you are an employee then you have put fate of yours in reference to money part in the hands of your employer! And that makes employer’s role a shade difficult provided you care for others fate & accepts that responsibility. I think duty of the employer is a bit wider as along with defining his or her work definition, he has to share or explain it to his employees also, rather call it as a team. As an employee is a captain of the team & if you have accepted than position then you can’t deny the responsibilities comes along with it is a bitter truth. And every that organization has doomed where the captain (read employer) has failed to give justice to the responsibilities towards his team mates!

As a captain of my small team I always try to analyze  where I stand on the front of responsibility towards my team & I think every one of us who is working at any position should do this because finally today you may be following orders but some day you will be the one who is giving orders & that day it might be too late to introspect your attitude towards your team. These are difficult times actually, though every generation thinks so about their times yet in present times expectations from everybody from everyone has increased like never before. May it be service, attention, time & yes salary (read as rearwards in money form), everyone wants more & neither employee nor the employer is exception to this rule. Right from management schools where they are supposedly teaching how to manage business, outcome is measured in how many students got how much package! Obviously when your start of career is package oriented no wonder we apply the same yard stick for everything that comes to use & this is what making us blind & deaf about real self development & here my this statement is for everyone around as well want something from other person but what we deserve or what is expected from us we seldom care! That’s why I think these are very difficult times for us as right from customer to vendors to public relations, everywhere expectation levels have gone all time high, so how can be your team members will be exception to this expectation wave? That’s the tricky job as a captain one has to handle & in one such effort I write something to my team at the time of yearly increment, I don’t know how effective it will be, only time will tell that yet sharing here just can be useful for someone who wants to improve himself or herself as increment is one dearest word to all working souls, including me! Here it is…

May 18

“Each position has its corresponding duties.”… George Eliot.

Dear Team Sanjevani,

Mary Anne Evans, known by her pen name George Eliot, was an English novelist, poet, journalist, translator and one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. And by now you all know my love for the quotes from great men & women as they say so many things in so less words, an art we all should master! Well, the most difficult times for me are not to face the challenges in business but May salary as you all expect from company in form of increment & many will say what difficult in it as either its there or its not, which most of my fellow businessmen does but not me! I always wanted you all to understand the duty you face & get paid for as unless you know what & why are you doing your job, you will never be able to improve in your job & this is applicable to your personal life too! And for that sharing my feelings with you is important at-least I try for that just the way I do with my sons, & I do consider my role here in Sanjeevani as a father & mother too! As if mother is caring & accepting any fault of her kids then the father has to be strong, some time even rude to make the kids tough enough to stand adversities of the life! And worst part is in the process the kids often grey loving their mother while hating their father for what he was!

Well, while playing both roles I will share frankly I hate father’s role but then for me its duty the way sometimes you might be hating your job yet you have to do it! You must be often wondering how the company rates you at the time of increment, let me tell you strait, it’s in a way balance sheet of what has been happened over the span of last eleven months & ours being single line structured organization, mostly what I have experienced while working with you is the sole aspect in increment! And trust me I try my best to analyze you only by your attitude towards the work at hand & not by its outcome. For eg last three years we are trying to sale Dhruva but from foundation to near finishing we are able to sale just two flats but I don’t blame sales/marketing team for being unable to sale these flats neither considers this as your failure. Same way we struggled to finish the developments of Orchid Ph-1 yet I wont call it as incapability of the respective engineering team at site as in both cases you have tried your best! Yet one thing remains & that is our entire team’s efforts on work front versus market scenario & expectations of our clients from us. As repeatedly I was telling you since last two years the things are changing for real estate & very hard times are ahead. Here after appreciation won’t be there which earlier was & it use to cover our lacunas on financial fronts & when I say lacuna it’s not your incapability but our entire teams draw backs whatever little they may be. Here after we will have to buy land from our money, build it from our money & then wait for the customer just like in any other counter sale business. And in this way we have to be extremely careful about two things, first is our control on budget & expenses & second is sticking to possession targets! And then third aspect will follow that is the way we present our homes to the buyers. And let me tell you on this aspect I am lucky to have you all as team as I never doubt your commitment towards the work, may it be peon serving tea to all of us or may it be marketing team, you all are very much committed to the work at hand.
Now speaking about next aspect of increment which is what should be salary each of you getting? By me we all know our worth & I never expect any of you to work with a feeling that you are underpaid than what the salary you would have been getting in outside world. As if you are doing so then you are doing injustice to your own self & that is bound to reflect in your duty some way or other. So, whenever I decide increments then I always keep in mind about the outer markets trend & yes do mind it’s not just the package but what expectations comes along with that package, that too one has to take in to consideration!

Lastly the hard facts of balance sheet, which no one should ignore as there have been many recent examples around teaching us what happens if you fail to understand how much deep water you are standing in!  Friends, we were lucky on one project this year which made us stay stable in so much turbulent water is all I will share & as your captain my first job is to keep the shim named our company stable as then only the sailors can be comfortable to do their duty & I am trying every possible way that. Here after as I said we will have to work on margins & every rupee saved is profit, mind these words as we will need to recite them often!

As Elliot said no position in our team is less important as in cricket team there are eleven fielders on ground & catch can go to any player on the field, so we all has to be alert as catches wins matches. And catch can be replying back to the customer in time, making work order as per budget provisions before starting any work, maintaining proper record of every rupee spent, keeping company cars in good condition or even making good tea for our visitors, every single act by our every team member is important for deciding our future, is all I want to share! As it’s your individual image which is projected in-front of your colleagues or customers or contractors is what helps them understand our team’s image!  One more thing on a personal note, do think what increment you will be giving to yourself, confused? Well, it can be a good habit you can cultivate as well some hobby or some good initiative which you can start as remember Sanjeevani should not be your end destination rather make it your mid landing as some day you should have your own set up to live or a bigger platform to perform & for that company’s increment should not be your crutches but what you make out of yourself will only decide that!
So once again thanks for being together & sure long way to go for us, get geared up!

Sanjay & Nittein.

Sanjay Deshpande 
Sanjeevani Dev.
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