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Abstract Mind is Healthy Mind!

“Not all doors open in the same direction and with the same effort!” … Jasleen Kaur Gumber.

Jasleen, is Manager- Brand Marketing at Benetton - Benetton Group, India. If you are wondering why I used such abstract quote of hers, then sure for being a brand marketing in-charge of a MNC she has to be abstract in thinking as that’s something which can get you best as well worst of the surprises, provided you welcome both with open mind!  It’s now nearly five years I have been writing blog but suddenly I remembers that each of my blog has some definite shape or form in the form of subject & entire thought process revolves around that subject. Nothing wrong as it channelizes the thought flow & many a times helps me in organizing my own thought process regarding my daily chores. But then to write a blog about a particular topic needs a fixed form of words while the thought process is on all the time. Thanks to the whats-ap era where I can at least store the flickers of thought bursts. Though till now never tried to gather them together but it’s like making a abstract bouquet of flowers from different breeds than just a rose bouquet or jarbera flowers.

That way we all think all the time but very rarely we are able to bind the thoughts in words that too in writing form. It’s been wonderful stress buster if we give a try then only; sure it’s worked well with me. Another advantage of thinking abstract is in our daily routine we have been so chained to our day to day activities that we have forgotten what it feel to think something which is not routine! The best example of abstract is nature where everything is fresh & different & only if we open up our mind to abstractness then we can enjoy beauty around which nature gives us. And more important is to storing this abstractness in word form as when many days later you will look back at your storage you will realize this is your most precious asset as it’s your very own created! Recently I get to attend talk show by my friend Vikrant’s organization Senate in which Mr. Arun Nathani, CEO of Software MNC, Cybage, mentioned importance of data. And its habit of writing all such abstractness of your mind only, which later becomes vital data for many things. In my case many of my work concepts or ideas are generation of going through my data bank of all the abstract thoughts stored in form of write-ups.

Another important aspect of thinking abstract & writing it is it keeps you sensitive towards your surrounding or else you just become a spare part of giant robotic system, which we call life. You keep doing your routine work for years without even thinking what you feel about your own self & that’s end of innovation or imagination in you! Here is some abstractness about recent events around, its right from celebrating jayantis’ (birth day) of Hon Babasaheb Amabedkar to mythological character of Hanumanji to writing to my younger son on his birthday & then there is Vaidya aaji who stands on one side of all celebrations, fighting for her very basic needs of medicines; all these things I try to put in words, some I shared on whatsap & some I just kept with myself!...

Dr. Babasheb Ambedkar Jayanti 14t April:

Some names become phenomenon; Mandela, Lincoln, Shivaji Maharaj & Amabedkar are such! Can one man change the course of history of a nation? Yes, when I hear name of babasaheb I believe it! only unfortunate part is like most cases we in our country blindly warships the person than following his philosophy, may it be Gandhi or Babasaheb; both would have been extremely sad had they been alive looking at the way their thoughts have been used for just getting votes & their philosophy has been restricted in the frame of their photographs behind every table in government offices! we are now nearly 70 year old free democracy & with each passing year the gap between rich & poor is increasing, more than that the gap between every religion, every caste may it be marahta vs. dalit or bramhin vs. dalit or Hindu vs. others, a silent hatred is flowing among the people is a fact which no one will admit but everyone can feel! How casually we say "shewati to na jatiwarach janar, or we use terms like bhaturda or 96 or jay bhim", while calling some particular caste person. High time we should identify a human by his qualities than his birth as nobody can pick which caste to be he or she should born by choice, if it is so then why we categorize humans by caste? I think babasheb never wanted walls of caste to be build among the society but to break down them he came with the concept as Bauddha religion which like Jainism is a way to life but look what has happened today to our society the walls of castes & religions are being built by some Abuja cement, making them unbreakable to any force! On top of it may it be Shivaji Maharaj or Babasaheb, their souls would have been in tears had they saw walls of speakers & drunk dancing by so called karyakartas, blocking entire traffic on their jayantis & punyatithis.. I think to understand Babsaheb & walk on his path of peace, honesty & humanity is the only way to pay the tribute than just blindly saying Jay Bhim & coloring ourselves blue!! That’s the way to achieve what he spent his life for!! 


Hanuman Jayanti…

Hanuman, unique character from Hindu mythology & a true idol!

Born to father like Wind & mother of mountain lady Anjani no wonder he is symbol of speed & strength! But more than that hanuman has mind of a super computer & he is humorous too! There are many examples of his razor sharp mind & temperament to keep cool in tough situations to get out of them with ease! May it be shrinking his size to get in mouth of the demon & come out in instant or sitting on high chair of his own tail to keep pride in front of Ravan, all this tells about hanuman’s witty mind & fast thinking! Most important is with all such powers which makes him super hero he wasn’t greedy for anything but devoted himself to Ram which is symbolic representation of goodness as in Hanuman's place anybody would have gone for ruling the world by himself & thought of becoming king but Hanuman preferred to serve goodness in form of Ram by being his devotee & that makes Hanuman special! A lot to learn from hanuman as in spite of his appearance yet he make you forget his looks & make you  awe  for his achievements & that's what one should try to do! We all have our limitations but what we can do with our strengths that defines us! On this Hanuman Jayanthi let’s bow in front of Hanuman & try to become one as whether he was real or not is not the issue, whether we understood the concept named Hanuman, is more important! 

Jay Hanuman

4th April 2017

Happy Birthday Rohan!

Dear Chota,

12th May and 4th April are few dates which have made my life more livable. Chota checking your whats-app DP’s is something I like to do and some of your choices are weird yet interesting. I must say! Just like the one which I have used above, a kid looking at Batman and saying “wish really you were real”! You know how much I myself am fan of Batman and who says it’s not real? It’s very much real as Batman is an attitude, that way every superhero has his own identity yet Batman is very special as he is very much human, a split personality, an orphan, rich orphan yet grown on his own and biggest war he fights is within himself, just the way I can feel you fight within!

Chota you are lucky and unlucky both at a time; lucky because you have everything right from your own SUV at the age where most teens are worrying about future and unlucky as you are still unable to set your goals and you haven’t had pleasure of being deprived from something! Many will say how not being deprived from having everything can be sign of bad luck? Well unless and until you have been denied of something, the fire to earn that thing doesn’t get ignited, is what I think and I may be wrong!

Today I look at you and I am happy you are a good natured young man but is that enough to live is something you should ask yourself, Chota at age of 20, I was in charge of a site and was working 12 hours a day for salary of Rs.1800/- per month and I won’t ever compare myself to you as our lives were different, but how you look way ahead is what decides out life and high time for you to do that!

Last few months were not as bad as they used  to be on all fronts assuring better times ahead  and you are mature enough to understand but then we all have our ways to deal with our travels is all I will say! I am not a perfect father, I know it as sometimes in race of giving justice to multiple roles often it’s your closest ones who get worst of you, is bitter fact of life but I always tried to think best for you and dada! As remember one thing, I can leave behind few crore rupees for you but one day they will end but what you learn from me about life will grow with everyday, the more you use it, so it’s your choice what you take from you father!

"What we know is drop of water, what we ignore is ocean"; that’s your whatsap status chota, I wish you know what it mean! Yes, even one drop of water is important for a thirsty person and its enough as its sweet and even entire ocean is useless at some times as its salty; water is power in any form.  When steam it runs engines, when ice it makes your bruises heal and when in liquid it not only takes care of your thirst but generates the electricity through hydro power! So be like water as whatever condition you are in, you should be useful to others that’s best way of earning respect; that’s my wish for you on your b'day

And one last thing, keep that goodness alive as that’s one thing which can and will defeat every obstacle in way!


-- -------------
Vaidya Aaji..

It was some 5 years back, summer of 2012 & I have just reached my office from site & was in foul mood!! And there she was, in reception sitting, my colleague madhuri who looks after reception told me she wants to meet me. I looked at her, an aging face surely well above 70's, my guess was right, she was 80 years old, her name Mrs. Vaidya is what she told me & in her vibrating voice asked me can I buy some chakali & agarbattis from her? I was speechless, first reaction was what’s this joke, this is office not some dharamshala that any street vendor walking in! But next sentence hit me very hard, "ragawu naka saheb, mi bramhan bai aahe, bhikari nahi, way zalay, ghari koni nahi, potasathi karatey!" Means I am bramhin & from good family & doing this for my survival! I looked at the old wrinkled face, vaguely remembered my grandmothers face deep within & called her in my cabin. After knowing more, she has no child & a lady named Aapte looks after her & she lives in a single room in shaniwar peth with no one around to look after & after selling day long chakli, chiwada she gets some Rs 100/200 from which she can buy medicines for her diabetes as well elder age health issues, that’s why she is doing it! That day I told her from today she need not have to worry for sale of chaklis for medicines, we will provide whatever medicines she need & I am happy till today for 5 years Sanjeevani team, ganesh & madhuri hasn’t failed one single month to do the job! Today she has come to meet me again in noon  & was sitting in reception, I sat beside her & asked aaji sagala thik na?, those eyes have become real old now, the voice is more vibrating, deep wrinkles covering face & she said "tuzi krupa aahe baba"( meaning your blessings are there). Even writing this I couldn’t see the screen of my cell as the eyes got wet remembering those words; I said it’s not me but the god who makes this possible as that’s best reply I could give! I hurried from office assuring her all help; I didn't have guts to look in those questioning old eyes as why God makes someone like Vaidya aaji live so long & yet allow her to suffer so much, I have no answers! Though I am happy & proud my team for taking care consistently & relieving her from one burden at least of medicine expense! Frds, I shared here not to tell how great we are but we met so many vaidya bai selling chaklis all around, bramhin or not but they are human being first, I am happy that when I see any such them my conscious is alive & I didn’t turned my face away from the vaidya bai's face but tried my little bit!! If at all you come across any vaidya bai you can buy chaklis at least if not do anything else...

Smt. Sudha Vaidya,Age 85,Address: Room No 13,Gajanan Residency Kasaba Peth.
Care Taker, Rama Apte – 07276732941

Sanjay Deshpande 

Sanjeevani Dev.

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