Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy B'day Aai!


why we share our personal things on public forum or on media like inet/mail? Is it wrong or right, I am no judge on this but what I think in today's era of work & work, is to reach out & share with your friends is very imp & one can use electronic media for that, instead just updating routine on fb like things, its better to share something which you have really enjoyed, some thoughts , some images or even your views! As its the sharing which make your friends know what you are within! So sharing a letter which i wrote to my mom, as its exchange of thoughts which makes your close ones to understand u better, so do go thru.
Also an appeal to go reach to your close ones with your thoughts & feelings on such occasions as that's very imp for other person, may not be for you, I always realize it whenever I have done so!

19 10 13

Dear Aai,
Most rather my all letters or write-ups starts with a quote but today I don’t need any as can’t think of one such when writing to you! What’s most important date in any man’s life? Well there can be many answers but what I feel is a man’s mom’s birth date is the most important! Many women especially wife’s (even my own) won’t like it much but that’s fact. As had this date not been there, no man’s future would have been written! And if each woman looks at what I said from the angle that to some person her birth date is important & who is her son or daughter, then she will understand the depth. Whenever it comes to relations or expectations, a woman always looks at it from the role of a wife or mother in law or sister in law but never from role of a mother!
May be that’s why whenever it comes to expectation then though she will feel most happy if its fulfilled by her child yet she won’t ever show it or acknowledge those expectations. There are many stories about mother & their affection for their child but Aai what I have learn is every mother child has their own stories, just the way we have & for me ours is the best! So many things since I remember my childhood & now when I myself am father of two grown up sons, I realized how important it was& is to have a mother who in her own way taught me life.
Aai, you have many a times asked me that you write letters to your friends as well others but why not me? Well the answer is our dialogue don’t need words & more important is writing a letter is something which comes from within & today I realized, so many words comes to me that I get confused which of them to use & how! Yet the best part in our relation is you never shown expectation but made me realize that people around me does have them from me & I need to keep my mind open for them & always try to fulfill them. But when it comes to your expectation then it’s like, you tried to always see me first in any queue & when it comes to queue of people close to me around me for their expectations in relations, then you become last! I think that’s greatness of nature of any mother & you are no exception, I am glad & lucky for that.
On your birthday & in my first letter which isn’t demanding anything because I have wrote you many in my college days but always for asking something, so here I won’t say you were extraordinary woman & had done this or that for us & how you cut down your desires to give us what we wanted while growing up! As that’s something which is too personal for you & I don’t want to dishonor your feelings by mentioning that, rather what I will say is whatever you have lived for us, we will try & live on the track which will always make you proud! Whenever you will hear my name it may not be for doing great things but you will never hear it for doing bad things, at least that I can promise! I think that’s the best & most precious gift I can give you, & my all life is the return gift is what you have already given to me

So go on & live the best days of your life now is my entire wish! I am writing this on behalf of Neeta also as I know if I keep saying I, Me , Myself then it’s not right, rather she loves you more than what I do is a fact, so it’s from us!

Sanjay , Neeta
Ashwini, Rohit, Rohan,
Nikhil, Ketki & Kiran

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