Sunday, August 25, 2013

Crime & the City!

“For the powerful, crimes are those that others commit.”...Noam Chomsky
How perfect this word by the American linguist, philosopher, activists & what not, fits to our present situation! Gone are the days when our beloved city was considered as  “Pensioners Paradise” ! And main reason for which people use to love as well respect it for its basic charm & safe environment as well culture. It’s really interesting to see how the terms like culture, respect; peace gives way to the terms like wealth, growth, prosperity! Like all other major Metros in the country Pune also witnessed rapid growth on all fronts except the earlier three terminologies. All this happened in just span of twenty years i.e. 1900-2010. & the downfall on these fronts is now getting more significant. 

On one hand we have Malls. IT Parks, Large Residential complexes, Multiplexes’, Education Institutes to indicate our growth & their numbers are growing each day. On other hand we the news paper are full with headlines about all sorts of crimes, right from bomb blasts, murders to extortion to hit & run road accidents, rape & what not! Crimes like chain snatchings are so common that nobody now feel anything about the same. At the same time every Police Chief in recent past is crying about the less man power & ill equipped police staff & lacuna on infrastructure for the force. 

Parellely we have witnessed the war between authorities to whom should maintain & take action by millions of pictures taken by hundreds of cameras fitted over the roads for traffic violation by vehicles! And no top boss from the Govt is yet taken any action to sort out this serious issue which is directly linked with the city’s safety!

We keep on reading promises by every leader about things like fixing CC TV camera all around the city & it takes years to decide what should be budget & who will finalize the tender for the same! All this is not new as it’s a common story of every Metro of the country. But when its city like cultural capitol of the State then a basic aspect of the life i.e. safety & peace becomes matter of concern. And especially on the background of bomb blasts such promises are being made & not fulfilled, doesn’t this make our rulers a cheater, which too is a crime!

As mentioned traffic rule breaking, chain snatching, housebreaking, road gang wars & murders have become a common thing for the city but when something like murder of a social figure that too by hired killers happens then it’s high time to think about the entire system as well city’s fate! Though it’s not new to us as Major General Vaidya had been shot dead in similar way on streets & nearly 25 years back but then it was outcome of terrorist act. What happened with Mr. Dabholkar is something very shocking for a society as he wasn’t victim of terrorism but some group which is very lock within the State may be even in city! Let’s speak about Dhabholkar sir's tragic end...
Some where fault isn’t only with the killers of Narendra sir, but with the system which allows such easy ways to settle the score. Today its Narendra sir tomorrow someone else, we already have enough of power centers generated crime, applying black oil to the faces of people who write their views in media or few years back a stampede at Bhandarkar institute like events or political karyakarta’s ransacking some college principal’s office ! What all these indicate? Police gave protection to even a lower rank political leader on their own, why such protection wasn’t given to Mr. Dabholkar when there were threats to his life? And if they think its right decision then why suddenly such protection has been offered to some social workers now on back ground of this murder? Why police couldn’t identify such danger earlier & most important where were all these so called “I am Dabholkar” cap bearers before he was killed & has not been given any protection? Why not no protests were made for giving Mr. Dabholkar some protection, so as it could have saved his life? 

There will be lots of reactions on various medias even "Pune band" like things will happen but each time the real criminals behind such acts as well those who actually take part in such acts like killing or assault, unless they get arrested fast & convicted by the law to extreme possible punishments, people like Narendra sir will keep on loosing life for nothing!  Agreed day by day growing population & imbalance is on wealth front in society is bound to make more people to turn towards the crime & police or any system cant give protection to every individual. We on our own are also very negligent on our safety, time & again it has been proved. Society’s residents may spend thousands on their home interiors but won’t get a security camera fixed in entrance or common areas. Neither will they spend for round the clock manual good security service as we expect all this is Govt or Police Dept’s responsibility! 

When its security issue we are extremely negligent & want it to be taken care without getting bothered a bit is a fact. Latest example of FC road parking ban & protests against it is the example of it. There should be alternate arrangement for the parking is true but the safety of thousands who visits such spots & are probable target for bomb blast is more important! Then our reaction at such incidences is another matter of concern, most are busy in clicking the images of such crime scenes & share with so called social media, without even realizing that it’s not legal. Problem is not just with criminals but with us only & our way to fight crime. Always we woke up after a mishap & the awakening is too short! Day by day fear for the law is vanishing fast, may it be parking our vehicle under no parking board or taking "supari" of killing someone for few rupees, the attitude of toying with the law is the main danger to the society! And if it’s not curbed in time the day isn’t long that all the time we will be protesting only for such acts which will be a routine thing.  

As the quote says,like the myth "Bhasmasur", the rulers who are keeping a blind eye on law enforcement & busy in protecting their chair as well vote bank, will themselves become victim one day of their own acts, but then it will be too late for all. Any city’s success is on how much safe & at peace it makes to its residents & that is achieved only by culture of the society of that city. That makes each of us responsible for the cause to make this city safe for a common man & if we don’t act now then there will be no tomorrow for us!

Sanjay Deshpande

Sanjeevani Dev.

MSEDCL (Power) Committee, Credai, Pune

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