Monday, May 21, 2012

Taking Possession of Home!

A relationship requires lot of commitment & work…Greta Sacchi.

When ever I see any of building getting completed & people saying they have got the possession & soon the will be shifting to their new home, I remember this quote of the thinker lady! Recently we handed over one of our project with small ceremony which included get together of all the flat holders along with the people associated with making of the project. As a builder I have been witnessing possession giving since last many years & yet the joy on the faces of the people not only the flat holders but so many who are involved does amazes me rather thrills me is correct word. Many a times I have heard people giving names to the profession which I am in i.e. builder & because it’s considered as just a money making & without emotion factor involved in it. Rather if we see the head lines in news about builders or real estate industry then one will think its most non creative non-sentimental profession, creating dry & dead concrete jungle! It’s not true rather for me it’s the most creative profession in world & this I am not saying because I am builder but the way I see the people & the building when its get ready!
Imagine a piece of land empty & with no human life over it & once we start working on it in few years you create home for so many on it & the place lives up after possession, hustle of people living there, kids playing in the open spaces around the buildings, the trees blossoming which you have planted & elderly people socializing in the places created for the cause, so many activities happening around once the place gets occupied. Even the building which looks dusty & gray in cement clad surrounding gets painted & covered like a newly wed bride & gets ready for the guests coming over! Who says there isn’t any creating in all this! Going a step ahead in a way its like work of a God! Here many will say I have gone crazy comparing our self with God but isn’t it like crating a complete new world out of nothing? I am not saying this in respect of powers like God but the job of making a home on a baron land & give its possession to the owner is like what God does with the world, is what I meant!

Unfortunately many never understand the charm or thrill in the whole process & the possession rarely takes place as a ceremony.  Usually the customer is invited at builder’s office & after confirmation of payment clearance keys are handed over, that’s it! A home is the only product where the buyers has to go to the product to take its ownership & the product don’t come along with you but you have to go to the product & stay with it! Even if you are buying a ship or a jet you get it delivered at your home after you purchase it but not home.  So many thing happens when you arrange a possession ceremony, actually it’s a get together of all those who are associated with the home. Making of a home is a process ongoing for 2-3 years & many agencies are involved. Right from the surveying team who measures the plot to the architect who plans the building over there & then hundreds of various agencies who are associated with building process by one way or other. And remember the one who are working in these agencies are human only & like me most get attached with this building while working on it. For all such persons handing over of what they have spent a year or two is surely a moment of emotion. As for all these months we are used to visiting the building when it’s in making & suddenly the day of handing over to its owner comes & we realize that our role is done, from next day we won’t be coming here ageing for no reason. Rather we will have to answer security at places why we are visiting the building which we only have built! It’s like job in an orphanage, for few days or months you are taking care of a child with whom you get attached & suddenly one day you know it’s being adopted now & you won’t be seeing the child again ever! Many wont agree with this concept or view of mine but believe me I have seen even workers at site getting attached to it & that’s more probable as many of them lives there during the construction & for them its their home for some period of the life.

Nothing better soothing than to watch the building you are working on getting towards finishing & been ready for possession, it’s like watching a child grow as each day there is some progress. I have made a practice to photograph the site every stage & make an album of the same & hand it over to the every flat holder at time of possession as these are the best memories of your own home making. Rather all those who can make it should visit their building periodically & do such effort of photographing as with digital camera it’s much simpler now. So many things are related to the possession of a home like making pooja or planting trees which will grow as we stay there & watch them grow along. Small thing does make big difference in presentation. Now days even a two wheeler keys are given with a small pooja & ceremony at automobile show room & the staff their smiling & clicking snap with the customers. Why can’t building industry follow such good traditions from other industries? There are few builders following the tradition but the number is very less is a fact.

Actually when we build a home for some one it’s a service rather one of the best noble service as most of the people buy this home once in life time. And then it’s not just a commodity product but in our country home has highest sentimental value too & keeping this in mind we should deliver the same. Possession isn’t just legal clearances of the document or fulfillment of all dues but at the same time a home should be delivered in real finish form. With all works completed & every agency moved out completing its job as well the formalities like occupancy/completion certificate obtained by the developer. It’s a responsibility of possession taker also to make a check list of his own & see that all the points have been duly taken care so as to avoid any future clash with the developer. Especially the civil works within the flat as well in common areas like painting, plumbing & cleaning etc. We can always add on by providing things like information of all flat holders in a form of small directory & giving it to every occupant of the building so as they can be in touch with each other. Arranging a small function, get together is proper word is the apex of all the service. It’s a joy to watch them come like coming for a marriage & take the possession of their & the pride in their eyes, it always gives me the feeling of satisfaction & fulfillment of mine & my teams commitment towards the relation which has been developed with our customers over the years of their home making! After all what is a relation? It’s trust & warmth between the developer & the customer which has to be experienced mutually & what better occasion than handing over that bridge or the cause of the relation i.e. the Home!

Sanjay Deshpande

Sanjeevani Dev.

Envo-Power Committee, Credai, Pune

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  1. Sanjay Deshpande "It’s like job in an orphanage, for few days or months you are taking care of a child with whom you get attached & suddenly one day you know it’s being adopted now & you won’t be seeing the child again ever!" >>>>> why call it so. It can only be get compared with process of finding a suitable groom for your adorable daughter. " लाडकी शकुंतला चालतो तिच्यासवे,तिच्यात जीव गुंतला". I think you have the same feelings.

    Such events should not only organised for handing over the possession of flats to the flat owners but also be for each and everyone associated in making those beautiful homes. Even many flatowners would agree that they would love to express their sincere thanks to these teams."

    1. hi Angha,
      yeah thats appropriate but then u have daughter for much more years to stay with where as the site is 2/3 years span, thats why used the term of orphanage !


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