Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Visiting Jungles!

Kanha  Bandhavgad,my latest trip !

click the above link for the moments I had and do share with all ur frds :)

Frds, each time I visit jungle I realize how less i know about the forest! Its not just Tigers & the big animals but the smallest of the birds & the insects too, which makes the entire system survive! Its unfortunate that most of the visitors dont understand this and instead of enjoying the forest makes nuscence to the animals as well the forest staff in search of the tiger!

Though its equally true that not all the forests are well maintained & visitor friendly! Especially in summer time many parts in Bandhavgad forest are running dry & animals are having extreme trouble in surviving. What I feel is more & more visitors should visit the jungles & know about the actual condition of forests they visit ,and with open eyes instead just chasing the tiger.Also do praise the forest staff as well the support system like guides,drivers for good things they are doing as well point out or raise the voice for bad practices in the forest!

I think thats real escence of the forest trip!


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