Saturday, May 8, 2010

Short forms of Life !

Few days back I conducted a small test with my few of the younger school/college going friends by sending them a mail about some of the short forms & they are real terms in general, approximate 10 odd numbers of them. Below are the answeres in bracket & former are the replies which I received & are 90% outcome!

DDLJ dilwale dulhania le jayenge

LSD love sex & dhoka

APGK ajab premki gajab kahani

KANK kabhi alvida na kahana

TJP tare jamipar

BDP ??? (Bio Diversity Park)

PMC Pune Municipality ?? ( Corporation)

DP ??? ( Development Plan)

RWH ??? ( Rain Water Harvesting)

ETP ??? ( Effluent Treatment plant )

ICBM ??? ( Inter Continetal Balastic Missiles)

IBM International business Machines

AK47 Gun ( Automatic Kalashnikov)

SLR Self Loading Role

SUV Sports utility Vehicle

Now what we see? Most of them were very perfect about the movies & then about gadgets ,vehicles, computers etc. But what I feared most & got myself correct was the awareness about the surrounding, I mean real surrounding. Still I didn’t asked about PMT, BRT, MSEDL i.e. formerly MSEB & things like that!

All the time we ourselves so called literate, aware citizens of this city are screaming these short forms from News papers, various forums, Yahoo groups, chats but is it filtering enough? Every day people like NGO's heads, Volunteers, Editors of leading news papers are screaming about the rotating condition of the infrastructure in the city, the effects of deteriorating environment, use of excess conventional energy sources. We furiously discuss about the steps to be taken by the administration of civic body, politicicn’s thick skin attitude about their responsibilities & each segment of the society blaming other segments for worsening the situation! But I kept wondering still why every thing remains same, rather getting worst!

I think some where the answer lays in this mail of mine too! Are we really giving enough attention to a very large segment of the society to make them aware & exposure them to the situation about their responsibility towards it? Somewhere we are neglecting it, taking the losing battle against all to us only, which we are either worn out of fighting with wrong strategy. Otherwise why when each of us is aware about the simplest thing like proper driving/traffic rules, still we are unable to have a smooth flow of traffic & numbers of accidents happening all along the city roads!

If you refer the recent paper news you must have been used to the child crimes events. The most shocking is murder by school goers in filmy style of another boy just for the suspect of he is from enemy camp! Wow! Are we leading to "Al Capone" era of new age? These schools goers can think of murdering their own friend & coolly cut his head & destroy it so as the police won’t have clue! But they are not ready to take on so many social problems around & use their brain/daring/energy/ anger whatever you call it, for solving the same! At least identify the issue & go for it, isn’t it bare minimum expectation, if they can plan crime as dangerously planned as above! Pity is they are angry about the enemy & eager to finish him at any cost but won’t do anything about eliminating the feeling of the enmity itself!

But no, I think we don’t deserve such expectation because we are not doing much from our part of that expectation. Recently I had gone for giving a lecture at a very famous school's 10th std exam appearing students. The principal in advance has told me that be careful as her students are specialized in hooting out the guest lecturer not by shouting of hurryeing but just by neglecting whatever he/she says! All they were interested is their makeup, looks, gossips etc! Well how I survived isn't part of this sharing but I did enough to interest them in my lecture which was about their future responsibilities towards the people around them & to my surprise they not only listened but asked so many questions that made me speechless over a while!

While we all are busy in doing so called our duty of social responsibility, what role we are playing to make this yougistan to understand their role or what use we are making of their energy? Mostly they are part of some human chain which we perform on roads for a protest rally or they are busy in collecting signs on some forms against or for some social cause or we organize some film festival for them or an essay competition about my ideal city & similar stuff, that’s all? And this too covers how many how them? Hardly 2% of the entire youth segment is what my gut feeling is! We have subjects like Environment Science, Civics, History right from 5th std but what really goes in their mind, have we analyzed?

The need of the time is an year round well focused program which will make them interested as well give them exposure about what's expected & possible through them about so many issues threatening the so called our civilized society! And the program should be such that it will cut through all the segments of the society covering as much youngistan population we can! There lies the chance of solution we are repeatedly missing amongst ourselves.

There is a famous saying “If we build enough schools today then we will save on numbers of jail's tomorrow"! It's the hi time to build such schools outside the regular schools to make the saying n reality & its everybody’s job, mind it!

Sanjay Deshpande

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  1. SLR == single lens reflex.
    or self loading rifle.
    note self loading role.

    between,u seem to have a way with kids.
    recently, we have begun a process named Kumar Nirman. i was wondering if and how you might be able to contribute.


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