Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eco Housing & CM's Seminar !

frds, I have atended the seminar arranged by hon CM & UD ministry on 16th Feb at Neharu Center,mumbai. Frankly it wasnt a seminar its a meet of almost 1000 & above crowd which consists of Zp's ,Municipal Coprporation leaders, CEO's, Collectors, Commissioners, Eng Staff of local bodies to make them awear about the concept of eco housings.
What I did was, got following points in hard format & circulated to all right from CM to secretaries of varios depts to most participants. Now each of us can have this & follw at ourrespective ends.
One particular point ie additional fsi to eco housing was prima facia accepted by CM & he did mentioned in his speech. I dont know about the success of the seminar but a good awearness campgain.

16 2 10 Hon Chief Minister Sir, all your collogues & all respected concern officers , First of all please accept our heartiest congratulations for arranging such seminar which is the need of the time & inviting us as PBAP ie Prompters & Builders Asso, Pune now CREDI for the same. Ours was the first developers association to start the Environment- Power Cell at association level to assist the members as well coordinate with various local bodies as well the NGO's too on Environment front of the city & surrounding. About the today’s seminar, agreed its vast based, let me share some thing, environment/global warming is very local thing when u think of doing something about it. One cant copy or have the similar logic even as each case differs depending up on social habbits ,surrounding region wise.Especially Indian subcontinent with its "teen rutus' ie 3 seasons winter, summer & rains has uniqueness & what u have got even on net are the case studies mostly of western countries which we cant use at our place. In India also region wise habits & lifestyle varries a lot making it utmost imporant to study & analyze individual case & then work out the solutions. There are some issues if covered will assist this program....

1. While promoting use of Solar water heaters ,which is main cause of power consumption in residential housing. There should be consideration given for such project while calculating the load factor, especially we have given gas power backup for rainy seasons. Or else the developer has to incur dual costing as well the transformer capacities are unutilized adding losses. Also we can subcidize the tarriff for MSEDL for residents of such premise or higher rates for non solar complexes. This will help in promoting solar even in completed complexes.

2.Apply very les or free power supply for the pumps of water recycling plants of drainage recycling. Or else the recycled water cost comes to approx 25 paisa per kiloliter where as even the tanker water is available at 9 paisa per kiloliter. This makes the residents impossible to use the recycle water.

3. Metered water supply is a must & billing as per the consumption of the water & not supply. This will make promote alternate water source use like rain water harvesting. Right now in Pune water is part of our property tax ,so hardly any one bothers about the use or other source utilization.

4. Subcidize low power equipments like LED lighting.

5 Set up local wing of R & D for basic construction materials which are eco friendly as well sustainable i.e. they can be used commercially in present urban buildings.

6. Provision for budges to make the existing complexes eco frinedly as many a occupents cant have that much investing capacity. Also we can think of additional FSI for eco housing projects. This will ensure no curtailment in local bodies revenues as well to promote more & more developers to go for Eco Housing. Also the existing socities too can avail this facility to convert them selves in eco housing.

7. Aquisition of the reserved lands right from roads too gardens in regional plans too. As a planned growth is must for proper environment as without aquisition of the reservations one cant even styart the basic things like road side plantations, leave apart the services. The Regional Plan for areas like Pune now has to be taken as seriously as DP of Pune PMC as the two boundries are merging physically.

8. An awearness campgain ongoing with citizens & one window system which efficiently work to solve quarries of the interested parties on environment front at each local body.

Thanks once again, myself & my association will be more than happy to assist in any way we can as above points are a triffle, a lot more can be done,is to be done.--

Sanjay Deshpande Chairman, Envo-Power committee,CREDI (PBAP)


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