Sunday, November 10, 2013

Image Building & Media! A Sharing....

Dear Frds,

One small news in today’s newspaper (and the way its head line has been wrote, " mediala sakade" means like we pray to god for well being of some one sick) which does intrigued me a lot & made me pen down the sharing below! It’s not to criticize any effort but just a thought process! It’s about Police Comm. of Mumbai has decided to call all media as well bollywood & tv people & appeal them to show better side of the police force!

Appreciate the sincere attitude of police chief behind this move but personally I feel there are better ways than to appeal to media to improve the image of force & that’s the way which champions have followed always & that is let your action speak than your words!
What media & movies paint it’s a limit how much importance to be given to them & what one should do is lift your own image at such level that no one will dare to slam you by painting your wrong image!  Ever think why it’s always builders, police & politicians who are shown as baddies in all movies or serials? Because that’s what most common people feel & have suffered. Each of us by some way has been exposed to this exploitation somewhere & agreed there are good people too in the system & it will be unjust for them but then few good men are not enough for entire system, may it be real estate or police force or politics!
Go to any one around & ask his first hand experience about police station or a builder & see the outcome by your own self. On such back ground had the police chief has shown some different way to strengthen his force by lifting moral of the last person is "shipahi" by providing him better infrastructure, it would have been more appreciated. Today go to any police colony or police station & see conditions these guys live or work & look at the expectations we have from them! Most of the police chowkis don't have even basic things like toilets! The Mumbai attacks are now 4 years old & how many police men got guns or even good helmets or vehicles? Even the top bosses are not allowed to use govt mobile service & have age old walky-talky for communication is a fact. May be its effective but the so called modernization of force is just on paper or in talks of the politicians, we all know this & witnessed also.
Why can’t the top bosses in force unite & fight or demand with the politicians who are rulers for better work infrastructure for their men & put the foot down, instead adopting such way of appealing tv/movie media people who are just commercial moguls. Rather knowing the way media act, they will even take this incidence also as how police beg them for face lifting of the dept!
Any image is created by our own acts & that’s the best & true image, may it be any department or any industry. Try to cultivate a culture which the common man himself will experience & will share with media. That will make media to bend the knees as this medium provides what common man wants. And common man isn’t fool that media is showing wrong image of police & in actual police is doing good job, no sir he won’t accept rubbish. Time & again society has proved that movies which give false image of any subject have been miserably failed even with big names or superstars. We see police, builders & politician’s nexus doing wrong things in every alternate movie because people see it every day around & that’s why they appreciate it in movies. There are movies where good cop is hero & most of the time he has to fight with his own dept or the system, again this also we have seen happening in actual. There are movies like “Shoot out at Lokhandwala”, where helplessness of the system of police dept has been shown & has been appreciated by the dept also about Human Rights criticism type difficulties in working. Then there has been "Singham" which was applauded by all police force, but how many such "Singham's" we see around in actual life? And if there is any such what happens with them, that also we all know. Once up on a time being a police cop was thing of honor, even a constable patrolling on street would get respect from people around & salutes; but today the feeling is being lost from the force. Need of the time is to hold this feel & for that it should come from within of every person working with the force. And this feeling should get reflected in the behavior pattern of all levels of the dept &  then we won’t need to appeal any movie mogul to paint the force's face as good cop!
See recent news of four youths getting drowned in river, the parents have acknowledged the efforts police took in searching of the mishap victims, fact is this also when they first went to launch complaint there has been dodging in between police stations that who will take the complaint. And when one of the parents communicated with Police Chief of Pune then only things moved & the system went in action! Another recent news was about a girl who met with suicide for embarrassment from eve teasing from a local goon & as not only the police has refused to take complaint but didn’t took any action against the goon! And now after her death again the system moved & even the concerned officers are behind the bars, but what about the girls who lost her life? Why we have to go to top each time & get awake after something happens? And then what’s wrong if the media paints the way things are!
Had any such appeal has been made by a politician or minister of any department, I wouldn’t have felt so miserable as that’s the way most politicians are, blaming everything on administration & expressing their helplessness covering their lack of will power to get the things done. And it’s not just the police dept, real estate isn’t also out of such image damaging thing by the media. So what builder’s association chief should do? Go & appeal media that not to paint there wrong image of builders? Imagine what will be reaction of the media as well common man over such action by the developers or so called builders? They will be laughing stock of entire society & each of us will say, look at your own face in mirror instead asking somebody else to touch up the same! Instead appealing for writing about good builders, go & give service to the customers & build some real good buildings, is the advise we would get! It’s high time to introspect & then act to improve the system from bottom & then such appeal would have been more appropriate. Rather the appeal to the movie media should have been to support the fight of police force against the elements acting as hurdles they are facing in improving the dept!
I am fortunate to have many of my good friends coming from the force & am always proud for their work & have seen the dept  at bit close range than other common men, so dared to share; as it’s the friends only who can make you think even they might rub you at wrong places a times. Let’s remember however good we as an individual may be but it’s the surrounding in which we are will rule our image, even as an individual! Today a genuine cop is appealing media for makeup to the face of a department which is backbone of the society; with due respect to the sincerity behind the efforts, I am unable to understand whether its failure of force named police or victory of a giant named media!

Sanjay Deshpande

Sanjeevani Dev.

MSEDCL (Power) Committee, Credai, Pune

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