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Ye Diwali, Togethernesswali !!





Nov 20


Ye Diwali, Togethernesswali !!

“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.”...Vera Nazarian

Dear Friends,

Vera Nazarian is an Armenian-Russian American writer of fantasy, science fiction and other "wonder fiction" including Mythpunk, an artist, and the publisher of Norilana Books. And indeed she is a fantasy writer as in today's world her above words do seem like a fantasy only! If you feel I am sarcastic then look around & what you see is greed, selfishness, ego, arguments, racism & everything but togetherness! Even while giving help to others most people think about whether the person being helped is of my caste or religion or fraternity or what benefit he or she can be of me after being helped & then only the help is offered as well volume of help is been decided! And if you think that's not true then no need to read ahead you are really living in a fantasy world is what I will say!

But then my sharing is not about negativity around rather it’s about overcoming the negativity & there is only one solution for that, togetherness! As togetherness is not just a word or term but it's a feeling which makes you do many things which in normal circumstances we never do. One most important by-product of togetherness is sharing, as most problems of this world are solved by sharing, such power it has got! If you don't believe me then try this, you are feeling down & sad & afraid of the future ahead, ok we all feel such some time or other but what do you do at such times? All you have to do is be together with someone & share what you are feeling about life & tell me what happens after that? 99 out of the 100 people who shared their fears or sadness felt great & lighter after sharing their negative feelings as it's like sharing burden & if you can relieve yourself of your burden then all you have to do is be together with someone carrying more burden than you & share his burden! That's what togetherness can do to you & to most of the world! 

And it's not about just sharing negative things, you can share whatever good you have as if negativity gets reduced by sharing then fun of togetherness is joy, laughter & happiness type things get multiplied by sharing! And the best part is all of this is free of cost & you don't necessarily need money to be happy & share that happiness. Indeed money is important as you can’t fill your stomach with just happiness, you can’t wear it as clothes & it certainly doesn’t pay your EMIs' yet you can't buy happiness with all the money in your pocket is also equally true! You have to balance it & again for that you need togetherness as who else  will tell you & make you share what you have may it be money of happiness if you don't have anybody along for togetherness! 

Friends, agreed there are many fortunate people around us but then there are also lot many unfortunate people around us & here is where this Diwali is important as try sharing whatever we have with someone who can carry your burden of negativity as well be that someone for someone to carry his or her sadness & at the same time don't restrict yourself from sharing whatever good you have as somewhere someone may have a brighter Diwali with you sharing & that's what we call Togethrnesswali Diwali! As I said these are hard times for all & indeed this year i.e. 2020 many of us won’t ever forget & mostly for wrong reasons & that’s why the importance of coming together & celebrating this Diwali on all such backgrounds can be a new start, is what I feel!

Do mind, your sharing may not has to be with costly gifts; you can share box of sweets with a PMC sweeper on the road for whom Diwali doesn't change anything, you can share  a pair of socks with your society's watchman who has to keep awake & guard your homes on Diwali nights, you can share a sweater via any NGO with a forest guard who has to leave his family back in some town & be alone in the forest whole Diwali, you can share a handmade Diwali greeting with an old couple residing across your flat whose son is in abroad & won't be able to make home for the Diwali & yes, you can share a nice genuine smile with everyone you meet, at least once a day! So what are you waiting for, let's extend our hand & make "Ye Diwali Togethernesswali"!

All best of the wishes & do share my feelings with your family & friends, have a wonderful happy & healthy & green togetherness!

Sanjay Deshpande & team Sanjeevani

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  1. Hi.
    I m kalpana Sawla from pune. Extremely beautiful article and inspiration too. It's always a pleasure to read your article.

  2. Hi.
    I m kalpana Sawla from pune. Extremely beautiful article and inspiration too. It's always a pleasure to read your article.

  3. thanks a lot kalpana.. your words are great motivation! Stay blessed & happy diwali!


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