Thursday, June 25, 2020

Everyone Has a Story to Tell!

“Your story may not have such a happy beginning but that does not make you who you are, it is the rest of it- who you choose to be”... Soothsayer from Kung Fu Panda 2
What a wonderful movie it is & not just kid’s animation but full of wisdom coated in wittiness & what better quote I could have than this for the topic which is My Story! We all have our story & when it’s been read to our self by others especially our friends then the fun is unlimited as we come to know many chapters which are hidden from our own self like the pages in some books get missed as they are stuck together due to time named glue! And then when my genre grew up (are we really? is different aspect) that time there were no cell phones & camera was only with few lucky ones(read as rich ones) so whatever stories we have they are locked in our minds in the form of memories unlike in the form of jpeg images or video clips available today! And all such background when suddenly such stories comes to you nearly after thirty years, it’s a pleasant shock again something rare in today’s times!
But so was it, we have my engg batch whatsap group (that’s boon of social media & internet era) & every year in first week of July there is get together  at some of the place  & of course in lockdown it’s not possible this time. So one of the friend (nandu kasar) came up with the idea to write every day about one boy (well, man, now) on the group, whatever everybody’s memory about him. And what a wonderful thing it turned out to as it’s like flood of memories which were locked behind the doors of work load, priorities etc! Even those members who were not much active or known for their writing or expressing skills came out with best of stories they remembered about the characters on the group. Many members get to know their own self in a different way as it’s like we reading our life’s story from someone else & imagine some twenty odd people reading your story at a time from different angles! And mostly all of these stories were, about what you were thirty years back & how you are today, the journey in a way! Interestingly on famous name from Bolywood (read as one more name) committed suicide very recently & the fellow too was intelligent, young & with engineering back ground, yes Sushant sing Rajput. And irony is, in his last hit movie he was shown as father of a boy who tries to commit suicide because of pressure of studies to get admission in a good engg college. He was himself shown as civil engineer & he as well his batch mates which meet him ages after again, together pull out the boy from the depression & make him able to prepare for his journey ahead! The entire movie resolves about friends on engg hostel & importance of having good friends around & preserving the bond of friendship! Why I said irony is, in real life this doesn’t happened & the character of father motivating his son to come out of depression couldn’t save his own self from ending his life!
Obviously, there as usual has been theories as well ways to fight out depression & what he should have done & what not but then issue is, a man is very weird specie; he usually starts finding solution only when hit by the problem & friendship is no exception for this law of life. Most of us makes friends every day when we were growing but only those faces whom we think will be of our use or say become part of our career may it be job or profession or business, those only we save as friends & rest all we throw in recycle bin of our mind’s hard disk. Thankfully in few cases it remains there & those lucky fellows can recover all the deleted faces & again become friends. Good part of Whatsap, FB & internet is it helped to recover many such faces in recycle bin & reconnect them with you which actually is your past story!
So, in such sharing stories, my day came & in the morning when I opened my whatap account it was like watching my own life’s video cassette in the form of words from my many friends. Sharing the few of them here( in original form of messages), may feel a bit boring yet this sharing is not for everyone but only for those who has friends & who is friend to at least a few...
Sanjay Mohan Deshpande Urf Pande for me
As I remember we spent at Least 3 years In Keshav Laxmi Apartment in Ideal Colony Kothrud very near to MIT Engineering College.
The Gentle man Sanjay when we came to contact was very polite and innocent person, You cannot imagine at that time whatever I say him, he believe blindly whether I am right or wrong, from that time I decided to implement and share everything, from which he is far away, he not only learn everything of life style and way of talking and how to behave with different type of people but I also iearns lot of think from him like honesty, Innocentness faith blindly to the person to whom he accept as a good friend.
He is my good friend I always treat him like my younger brother. We enjoyed the engineering life not to be too much panic, serious but pass it as destination and job. I remember we are taking our lunch and dinner in Kaku mesh and some time in hotel shreeman, we often used to go Tulsi for tea and pohe at Deccan and Rupali for potato fries and dosa.
I observe he is one of the most popular personality in this group to advise and suggest about new ideas of business as well as nature, environment and to being human to group.
He is owner of the one of leading construction company Sanjeevani and he is taking care of sanjeevani employees as a family member.
I wish for him and his company a bright and success future and happy, enjoyable life with his family.
At last my friend Pande
I never forget you on the screen of memory by saying
Badla Na apne aap ko,
Jo thai vahi rahe, Tum jish diyar mai bhi rahe, dosto kai liye vaise he rahe.

Mohammed Siddique Joad
Deputy Project Director
Kay lihu Sanjay Deshpande baddal sirf naam hi kaafi hai,we first time met on his room when I went there with joad ,Sanju had luna at that time ( correct me pl ), he was very gentleman from college days , now he has developed so much hobbies,he is very good writer ,wildlife lover, green resolutionary,his favourite subject is real estate, very popular person and always ready for help ( once I had some work In police station regarding some issue in Pune , I called Sanju baba , he immediately talked with Pune CP, ),very down to earth person ,very good friend , he has tremendous contacts in every field, I like his relationship with his children’s,love u Sanju, I pray god to keep him fit and healthy forever..
very true our pandya become vicharwant many officers forwarding his blogs in various groups.He is entrepreneur , speaker , thinker , writer , blogger , avid tiger wildlife lover social  activist .and what not.... proud of u sanjay!All the best for ur future ..manoj suryawanshi
संजय मोहन देशपांडे / पांड्या
संजय ज्याला आपण सर्वजण पांड्या म्हणायचो तो म्हणजे आपल्या ग्रुप मधला सर्वात लहानगोडगोजिरा आणि सर्वांचा लाडका मित्र 🥰
खामगाव सारख्या छोट्या ठिकाणा वरून आलेला हा अत्यंत  साधा,  भोळाभाबडा पण तितकाच खोडकर  मुलगा आपल्या सर्वापेक्षा मात्र प्रामाणिक होता.
आज त्याने समाजात स्वतःला एवढ्या उंचीवर नेवून जी प्रगती केलेली आहे ती खरच अचंबित करणारी आहे.
 आज त्याला पाहिलं कि मोपेड वर उलटा बसून रस्त्यावरील कुत्र्यांना दगड मारणाराआपल्या आईच्या कॉलेजचे किस्से फिल्मी style ने रंगवून सांगणारा आणि exam ला जाताना टॉस करून जाणारा आणि अशा बऱ्याच अतरंगी गोष्टी करणारा पांड्या हाच का असा प्रश्न आपल्या सर्वाना तरी नक्कीच पडत असेल .
 येडेगबाळे कपडे घालून अलकाला Psycho-II चा पोस्टर बघून पियास्को 2 येणार आहे असं बोंबलणारा पांड्याला आज uptodate कपड्यात इंग्रजीवर प्रभुत्व गाजवताना  पाहिलं कि खरंच उर अभिमानाने भरून येतो  🏻आपल्या ग्रुप मध्ये एखाद्या अल्लड मुलाप्रमाणे सर्व बाबींचा बेफिकीरपणे मनमुराद आनंद लुटताना  पांड्याने  कधीही लाज बाळगली नाहीडिप्लोमा करून आल्यामुळे maths ची बोंब असतानाही गोंधळेकर मॅडमच प्रत्येक लेक्चर attend  करून enjoy करणारा पांड्या खरचं ग्रेट होता आणि आहे
रमतगमत इंजिनीरिंग पूर्ण केल्यानंतर नोकरी करत असताना स्कूटर च्या किस्स्यामुळे आयुष्यात आलेल्या मुली मुळे खऱ्या अर्थाने पांड्याच्या आयुष्याला कलाटणी मिळालीत्यानंतर मात्र मिळालेल्या संधीच सोन करून आपला हा मित्र स्वकर्तृत्वावर मोठा होऊन आज एक नावाजलेला उद्योजक म्हणून प्रसिद्ध झालेला आहेएकेकाळी सर्वांच्या चेष्टेचा विषय असलेला आपला हा हिरो आज फक्त उद्योजकच नाही तर wildlife फोटोग्राफर,  स्वतःचा ब्लॉग असलेला उत्तम writer,  उत्कृष्ट वक्ता आणि युनिव्हर्सिटीच्या अनेक पॅनेलचा मेंबर म्हणून आपल्या सर्वांच्या वतीने आपल्या कॉलेजच नाव रोशन करीत समाजात दिमाखात वावरत  आहे.  We are proud of you man  🏻
2016 साली सिडकोतील Engg. Day च्या कार्यक्रमाला Affordable Housing हया विषयावर पांड्याने ज्या पद्धतीने  presentation सादर करून सर्वाना मंत्रमुग्ध केले ते पाहून खरोखरच अभिमान वाटला  🏻 मी सूत्रसंचालना द्वारे पांड्याच introduction केल्यानंतर त्याचं presentation ऐकत असताना तुम्हा सर्वांची प्रकर्षाने आठवण येत होती आणि मन भरूनही  येत होत 
आमच्या कमिटीने दिलेल्या मानधनाच्या धनादेशावर माझी सही असल्याने पांड्याने तो  वटवता कार्यालयात फ्रेम करून ठेवलेला आहे
Love you दोस्त 🥰
असो अशा हया आपल्या हरहुन्नरी मित्रास सर्वांतर्फे एकच विनंती कि थोडा वेळ का होईना GtG ला हजेरी लावून परत एकदा जुन्या आठवणींना आमच्या सहित उजाळा द्यावा  
पांड्या तूला उर्वरित आयुष्यात उत्तम आयु आरोग्य लाभो आणि तू उत्तरोत्तर अशीच यशाची शिखरे पादाक्रांत करत राहो हीच सदिच्छा 
.. ठाकऱ्या
संजय मोहन देशपांडे उर्फ पांड्या...
पांड्या माझा इंजिनीअरिंग कॉलेजचा पहिला मित्र..आम्ही दोघ सेकंड इयरला ऍडमिशनच्या रांगेत भेटलो.तिथून पुढे वडनेरे हॉस्टेल.होस्टेलला राहायला मिळाल्यामुळे पांड्या फुल टू एक्साईटेड होता.(full of childlike enthusiasm and exuberance...) म्हणून त्याचं पहिलं निकनेम " बालिश पांड्याहोतं.घरच्यांनी एक वर्ष अगोदर शाळेत घातल्याचा परिणाम... त्याचा पराकोटीचा उत्साह आणि नवीन मित्र जमवण्याची इन्हेरंट खुबी त्याला कॉलेजमध्ये आणि होस्टेलवर पटकन फेमस करून गेली...खामगाव सारख्या छोट्या गावातून येऊन सुद्धा त्याच्यामध्ये कोणत्याही प्रकारचा इन्फरियरिटी कॉम्प्लेक्स नव्हता.त्यामुळेच बॉम्बे क्राउड,दिल्ली वाले ,पुणेकर पासून ते धुळे जळगाव नाशिक करा पर्यंत त्याचा मित्रमंडळींचा कॅन्व्हास पसरला होता.आणि तो "गड्डे मे पाव फसलाय रे"सारखे हिंदी युक्त खानदेशी मराठी बोलत त्या कॅनव्हास मध्ये स्वतःचे ठेवणीतले रंग भरत त्या कॅनव्हास लाअजून समृद्ध करत होता...
पांड्या चे किस्से अगणितआहेत,घरगुती मेस मध्ये ताक आणि कोशिंबीर मिळत नाही म्हणून मेस बदलणारा पांड्या,जनसेवा डायनिंग हॉलमध्ये नऊ  रुपयात अनलिमिटेड जेवणात13- 14 पोळ्या आणि दोन वेळेला ढीगभर भात खाऊन स्वीट डिश डबल मागणारा पांड्या,अलका टॉकीज समोर उभा राहून आजूबाजूच्या सोफिस्तिकॅटेड क्राउड समोर "जित्या...हे बघ..पुढच्या आठवड्यात"फियास्को"(psycho ..... )
लागतोय...हीच कॉक चा...अशी बिनदिक्कत हाळी देणारा,परीक्षेला जायच्या पंधरा मिनिटे आध,कागदाची विमान बनवून नेम धरून खोलीच्या आरसीसी जाळीत मारणारा...अरे हे काय करतोयस म्हणल्यावर,पाचपैकी तीन अडकली तर पेपर सुटणार नक्की...कौल लावतोय... म्हणणारा...
आणि किती किती सांगू...
पण.....एक हरहुन्नरी माणूस ठरवलं तर स्वतःला किती बदलू शकतो स्वतःला किती सक्षमस्वयंपूर्ण,प्रगल्भ आणि यशस्वी बनवू शकतो त्याचं पांड्या म्हणजे मूर्तिमंत उदाहरण आहे.
त्यांनी 2000 नंतर स्वकर्तुत्वावर मिळवलेले काम धंद्यातील यश,शून्यातून उभे केलेले स्वतः चे विश्वसामाजिक बांधिलकीतून ,प्रसंगी पदरमोड करून चालवलेले उपक्रम(जसे की सार्वजनिक  स्वच्छतागृहे,वृक्षारोपण,एन्व्हायरमेंटल अवेअरनेस सेमिनार्स,लेक्चर्स,ग्राउंड लेव्हल ऍक्टिव्हिटीज,गो ग्रीन मुमेंट),स्वतः चे जोपासलेले छंद(जसे की जंगल सफारीज,फोटोग्राफीसकाळ पेपर मधले सकस लेखन,वेगवेगळ्या विषयावर ब्लॉग राइटिंग आणि त्यासाठी केलेले वेगवेगळ्या विषयातील आणि भाषेतीलअफाट वाचन)हे सगळेच विस्मयकारकआणि कौतुकास पात्र आहे...
आणि कौतुक या ही गोष्टीचे आहेकी या सगळ्या यशाबरोबर येणारा उन्मत्तपणा(माज),गर्व,उर्मटपणा यापासून योजने दूर आहे...
मला आठवते मध्ये पुण्यात भेटल्यावर गौरवला बसलो ,तो जबरदस्ती  बिल देताना म्हणला "अरे हे नवे प्रीमियम क्रेडिट कार्ड आहे,याचं ओपनिंग प्रीमियम मित्रा साठी करण्यात जो आनंदआहे तो तरी मला घेऊन दे..."
तसरप्राईज गेस्ट म्हणून आम्हालाआपल्या  ओल्ड टाईम "श्रीमान हॉटेलला खास बोलावले होतेत्या Nostalgic    पार्टीची आठवण अजून ताजी आहे....
पांड्या मित्रांना मदत करायला नेहमी तत्पर असतो...एखाद कंस्ट्रक्शन मटेरियल कुठे मिळेल म्हणून क्वेरी असो मुलाला ऍडमिशन घ्यायला मदत असो किंवा कोव्हीडमध्ये अडकलेल्या नातेवाईकांसाठी ट्रान्सपोर्ट चीअरेंजमेंट असो...पांड्या संभाल लेगा....
तेही कुठलाही बडेजाव  करता....
Hats off Pandya...
असच भरभरून आयुष्य जगत रहावास...
हीच शुभेच्छा....

आणि हो....तेवढ  गेट-टुगेदरच जमवत जा...Jitya
And these are just few of the writings & about one person i.e.  me & I am not sure about all but few faces will be smiling or even laughing loud reading these testimonials (frankly don’t like the word) which are stories as I said. If not any then my sons, nice & nephew will be definitely enjoying such words about me! Now, you can imagine why I love the words of the Soothsayer in Kung fu Panda so much as after going through those stories of my life I realize, how wonderful & happy beginning also of my story was!  Guys, most of the time we curse our past or regret it or remorse over we could have done this & we would have done that but how the condition didn’t allowed us to do what we wanted to do! But in the process we neglect so many small pages of our story which were full of joy & fun & this is why one needs god friends as you may miss those fun pages of your own story but your friends don’t forget! Sushant sing Rajput & many youngsters or middle aged strugglers, keeping due respect to the depression & its root cause; but good friends from your college days can be your best anti depressant actually & they don’t charge you much! Just a phone call or cup of chay or if you are lucky then an evening at your old joints with your buddies, that’s all it takes to defeat any depression, mostly, is what my experience is! But for that one need to understand the friendship & keep doors of your mind open for it, body usually follows! To conclude will share what I wrote & yes a poem also which is attached along....
By me...

Guys ..kya likhu.. !! As they says some times however commond u may have on words yet none come to ur rescue , such are times with frds like u all!! Indeed i miss nandya yadaw  at this time most.. as well yes i was more in company with subhya n arrya n u all hv treated me like ur younger brother as in comparison  to all here was a boy whose name of town also not known to most of u yet u never ever made me realize it!! Guys, do u all know what u gifted me back then, with u support; u gifted me the confidence that by being good & strait u can win the world  & its never about winning the minds or bodies but winning the hearts of the people is what counts in the end!! I wouldnt have been what i am without that confidence only frds can give... right from joad & singhal teaching me to dress to thakrya teaching me m3 m4 to arrya subhya giving me courage to at least appear for last attempt of m4 , raje gaoli teaching me philosophy n utgya sharing bombay style; every day in those three years was  a chapter actually of the book which we call life.. and later also from jaggu dada to yuvraj, kolya, khanore ..even today aambya n raju, manoj cheering for my write-ups n joining at new venture of hotel, man, everybody of u has ur mark on this book of my life!! Indeed i miss our gatherings as every time something family matter has come up yet i promise to join.. rather without that also will arrange some one night party of ours.. once again Dilse thanks for accepting me what i was & i am, something only frds can make... cheers.. always for u Pandya only 
*And yes u all write wonderful & better than me, so keep writing...
Sanjay Deshpande 
Sanjeevani Dev.

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