Monday, March 23, 2020

Being Brave!

“Braveness is not absence of fear, it’s overcoming the fear within”...

I myself have thought the quote & wrote so didn’t bother to write the name of the author & I think that’s also outcome of the fear only, finding the philosopher within, lol! For the first time I have touched my fears so closely & I am sure many of us has felt it same way as for the first time we are clueless about the cure for the fear & it’s not for some virus but it’s like they show in classic horror movies, it’s for unknown things which is hidden behind some close door of a rundown place! I am not frightening or sharing this for increasing negativity or fear, I am writing this for myself to meet my fears as that’s the best way you can overcome your fear, is what I have read & understood!

Well, by now you must have understood & even irritated as one more corona forward but do read as of-late I have stopped reading news papers or whatsap forwards or watching FB/Insta posts about corona, not because I am some super human but everything has limit! Interestingly my younger son changed his DP to this one which says, “You never know how string you are unless being strong is the only choice you have”! Interesting, that’s the way this genre can think (well, using DP means I think they know) of adversities & face it; we the grown-ups have a lot to learn from them actually. On face the young genre so called millennium kids i.e. born in internet era looks careless, irresponsible even irritating many a times but the every genre has that tag stuck by the earlier ones! But last three days when we all are stuck at home, it’s this genre which is taking the locked up scene with more ease than me is what irritated me at first but then I started trying to understand why they are so kool about all the hustle around! And main issue is we mix being careful with worry & recklessness with courage! At the same time we just have not learnt to sit idle & always take it as waste of time, in fact all our actions, opinions, calculations are based on one thing & that is wastage. We get irritated when money is wasted in some shopping, we get irritated when food is wasted in some restaurant, we get irritated at traffic signal for fuel is wasted, no wonder we get irritated when sitting at home (forcefully) we are most irrigated that our time is being wasted! And then we are bought up with one single philosophy i.e. wastage is bad & time is money, so wasting time is double irritation for most of us which are both sides of fifties’ by age!

Well sometimes taking a break is not called as wastage & it’s not the time is what gets wasted it’s the way we use that time is what defines it a waste! (Again, my own philosophy only!). I started writing everyday something for my own as “Corona Diaries”, but then decided against it & tagged it as just “Being Brave” as I tried to write down something every day which will make me know my fears better & not feel guilty or irritated for being locked at home, here it are free not to read it & delete it without readingJ.. sanjay

Thank you Corona!!

Bad things sometimes get best out of us...

Indeed we all (me too) are scared from within due to this corona virus & keeping all respect to those who are actually suffering by its menace & those who have lost their close ones to it yet covid has made us realize many things about we the humans going beyond our self created walls of nationality, colour, caste, gender, religion & yes status!

It made us realize we are humans first & then everything & first time it’s like entire world is at war but the enemy is not some human yet it’s common for all! It made us realize coming together is the best way to solve any problem & we actually can come together forgetting our self created boundaries! 

It made us realize however progress we may have made in science yet we don’t have fast solutions to every problem nature puts in front of us! It made us realize when a disaster hits us then we can be actually civic & instead blaming each others for the disaster, jointly we can face the disaster!! It made us realize (hopefully) that best way to live at peace is being healthy as corona don’t spare u because you are  rich man or u are head of some country! 

It made us realize that its helping each other & not hating,  is what makes us a human & live & let live is the way which only will sustain & its applicable for every specie! It should make us know our duty towards survival of other species also for which we the humans are Corona!

Finally with the success stories of winning over corona, it has made us realize that we can come together, actually & win over even strongest of the enemy!!

Thank you Corona, u once again made us Humans... frds, be that way & fight this war vs. Corona together & let’s not forget the lesson once we have won the war..!!


These are tough times for most of us on business, home & even social front & we all looks at each other’s for moral boosting as most of us are scared for business or health from the impact  by the unknown fear named Corona!! Don’t wait, take lead & be the leader to boost morale of yourself & others...I try to do... so sharing something with you...

At such time, try avoid reading negative news headlines or violence types programs on TV, delete any forward which may scare u than aware u as well don’t pass on such forwards neither discuss much about losses business are making & how all this has  made impact on our work or industry as well health! Speak how good u can do than how bad things are! Don’t start running around like sky have fallen with slightest of cough or sinus, just to your doc with calm mind, don’t ignore it though.

The Do's are...

Use the free time at hand ...Read inspiring stories from books or novels.
Watch light or good message carrying movies of Disney / DreamWorks on your TV or Netflix or Hot star...Toy story, Ice age, Madagascar, Coco, Clause, Marvel End Game r few names of such movies, which will keep your mind believe in goodness & strength of togetherness & bonding.
Watch Nat Geo or Animal Planet where survival in adversities is the key in nature.

Indulge sometime at home in any hobby, reading, writing, painting anything you feel as that’s best way to improve u as a person!

Most importantly do take care by using sanitizers & hygiene but start exercising if u are not doing & don’t miss rather increase the workout  intensity if u r exercising already. A long walk in open air or running depending up on your age is best way along with stretching at home. As exercising not only makes u fit by body & immunity it helps in best way to make your mind positive, which is need of not these times but all times!..

Don’t just read but make in practice & share with your family & frds... *sanjay deshpande & team Sanjeevani*

It's not about Corona!

Each morning now days we woke up & if there is been slightest of giddiness or sour throat or choked nose or mild headache then no more we just ignore & starts the day with the note, oh, ok one more day! Around us if someone sneezes we now don’t laugh & say  "u are excused"  or if someone is having cough we don’t pat his back & offer water but moves away from him, is someone says he is feeling feverish we silently decides to keep distance from him instead caring for him! On road while walking on footpath we avoid to look at even known faces & at grocery shops looking at  small crowd gathered at counter we curse ourselves as well the crowd  for nothing. We avoid going to doctor fearing what the patients can be carrying in waiting room. We have cancelled already made travel plans & postponed new ones. And lastly now we hate unexpected visitors pushing our door bail especially those who has recently travelled from abroad!

This is about not about corona but life we are living individually & this makes me hate myself more than the corona virus as somewhere under the name of being cautious we are becoming unhappy & suspicious of everything around!! This is what selfish fear of unknown can do to strongest of the minds & real fight is not with corona but with sanity in our own self!

This doesn’t mean, be careless & move around as nothing has happened, this means, don’t lose living by carrying fear of something which can be faced with balance mind!!

This situation in a way is a boon as most of us who considers themselves successful by the position, status, knowledge we have gained, has forgotten to face the fear of a thing which we don’t understand or cant bought or beaten just with our success! 

This is not just test of some viral infection but its test of what we are within!!! As corona can be beaten by only one thing & that is facing it with balanced happy mind & togetherness but then so can be every adversity!!

It's Not End of the World yet!

Well, my genre which is in 50's is really lucky as we have taken vaccines of cholera, devi, polio & what not in the school days as well we  have seen the panic of Skylab falling on our head & people coming out of house & remain awake for whole night looking at sky. And those were days without even TV & here we  are in a era where one get to know what’s happening in  remotest  parts of the world like Arctic or Forests of Amazon  that to live action!

What have we gained or say learnt by this power of information is what I ask myself, every day! We have gained lots of information indeed which we think is knowledge but we have lost the power of analysis or say we have given up logic, to the flow of this information which hits us 24x7 by a giant power source , more powerful than even the sun i.e. that’s media. And wave after wave this information keep crashing on our mind named barrier via TV, mobile & its apps like insta, whatsap, news papers, internet on our pc & laptops by twitter or fb & our mind just can’t stand against it  because we have long forgotten to train it or say strengthen it! 

Our views, our all talks whenever we meet in person to others, our arguments, even our rights or wrongs, everything is based on  this information named power & we just recite what’s been thrown at us! 

This is where our genre has become soft  target of media as not just about some virus but right from parenting  to choosing our leader, every decision of ours seems to be controlled by media indirectly making us just a prey unknowingly!!

High time we take back our mind to the days when we used to thing by ourself, we used to apply our brains not just to solve questions in exams but even to get the cricket ball back which has landed in the premise of a khadus neighbour without him knowing about it!! 

Frds, we have seen life from all dimensions & yet if we end up choosing easy way then we have no right to call ourselves grownups & be proud to have witnessed radio Ceylon to I Phone x ...use your mind before you believe on any information, analyze & act wisely, that’s the lesson which we only has to learn now, as "Its Not End of the World yet" 

Streets can be locked down, open up the minds!

Well one more morning comes with many more fearing news & locking down streets i.e. curfew nearly all over the country not just Pune is one. But how one can lock a mind which knows no boundaries especially when thinking on negativity, is the main question!!

Now the fight is not on streets with some corona virus & illness it brings to our body, the real fight is mental & it’s against virus named fear, anxiety as well negativity & they all reside right within our mind! Locking down the minds means giving them freedom actually, instead open up our minds, let the joy,  happiness  freed up to enter which are antidotes on fear ! Remember however warm sun light & breeze is outside but until u open-up your home's windows it can’t come inside your house!! Same is with the mind!

By the way, the first family of covid19 victim is free of it & the society in which they are residing is ready to welcome them, that’s opening up minds & letting the joy named sunlight enter in & melt the fear named darkness..!! 

Sanjay Deshpande 
Sanjeevani Dev.

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