Saturday, November 3, 2018

Diwali, the Brightness Within!


“Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions”… Dalai Lama.

Come Diwali  & news papers, TV channels, radios, are full of advertising, as one of my most favorite thing is to study the advertise campaigns of major brands like Amazon, Reliance, Apple, Big Bazaar & many such! Indeed right from last many decades Diwali is something which is celebrated across the country in all segments cutting through castes, religion & gender! In a country which is home for 1200 millions, all comes together to celebrate only on two occasions, one is Indian cricket team’s victory & Diwali! Now you can understand the importance of Diwali times & then what better way to gain happiness than to shop, for ourselves as well for family & friends! It’s this changed concept of happiness is the new face of India as we when we are not working or studying then we are shopping, we go to mall, we shop online, even when we go to holiday’s we shop the local things & we eat. Indeed the malls has become our best relaxation & on line shopping our key to relaxation even without coming out of our sofa cum bed! I often miss my Diwali which was the only time when we get to buy new clothes & anything big (i.e. household utensils) like Freeze, TV or Sofa set, Diwali was the time to buy it & get it to home in grand way i.e. making it in such a way that all the galli/mohalla can see the purchase! Though now a day’s people shop all the yearlong yet Diwali is still special for many families giving you one more opportunity to become happy by shopping & Marketing Gurus’ knows this mentality of we the Indians best! And then one more added thing is Diwali Bonus, though in recent times many industries (read real estate) are not at their best so the Bonus factor magic has got faded a bit! I always wonder what in modern times Diwali type festival has got any special meaning than shop & eat & have holidays because no one seems to do nothing than these activities, yes there is now new trend of Diwali Pahat (mornings) where cultural programs like music concerts are arranged with fancy ticket rates & people attend in best of their attires & then social media like FB & Insta, are full with Diwali Pahat Selfies, that’s all!

On the background I write something to my Team & because I take Diwali as a time to think about the life especially about our concept of celebration itself...

Dear Team,

Once again Diwali is here & unlike last few Diwali’s this  Diwali has come with silver lining is surely I will share. Well, most of the time whenever & whatever for a Boss writes to the team it’s only about how bad things are around & business is not good & how you all should improve your work etc etc. Indeed you all are working with Sanjeevani for many years, few of you are along since start & if I still need to tell you what is happening in & around of our company then I am the biggest fool (well, I am sometimes)! And then this is not increment letter that I describe real estate or our performance this is Diwali letter & I will like to share the meaning of it. Again many of you  will say what’s new in it, every year Diwali comes & you write to us; again agreed but each time Diwali is different rather every day is different & I try by myself to define or say understand Diwali with new vision every year.
As I will like to know how you will be celebrating Diwali, obvious it will be with family & friends but what is your definition of celebration? Shop, eat, travel, get together with family are few answers but then that can be done all year long, isn’t it? Diwali is festival of lights & do mind the darkest of darkness is not around us but its right inside us! Today you may not understand my words but do think about, can we light a dark room from outside, no, as if you want to brighten a room then the light must be right in the room. Same way to brighten your surrounding first you have to enlighten yourself & this means nothing great but happy & positive thoughts is what I meant!

Right now the problem is not with GST, RERA, Changing policies, petrol rates or race of income vs. expenses but we surrendering to the negativity & allowing darkness to enter our mind is the real problem. As once we allow darkness in the form of negative thoughts to enter in our mind then it’s the worst epidemic decease you can have as it spreads very fast darkening the minds of people in our surrounding. And for that all we have to do is keep ourselves engaged in something which will create positivity within us which leads to brightness only. This can be achieved by trying something for our own self may it be reading a book or watching good movie, singing alone, go for long walk & go for trekking as being in nature is the best way to get rejuvenated rather anything which you will be doing because you want to spend some time with you only. Remember most of the today’s problems we are facing because we try to please others while we ourselves remains unhappy & do mind trying to make our own self happy doesn’t at all means to make others unhappy or not to care for their feelings! It simply means understanding meaning of happiness as after all whatever we do at the end of the day if you are feeling dark (read unhappy) then something is wrong just like the bulb in the room might has got old & dead, is the reason of darkness in the room & what we do at such time, change the bulb, simple!  Same way Diwali is the time to change the light within & start afresh as I personally believe (thanks to all my favorite movies of Marvel, Disney) the only fight which is on forever is fight of darkness vs. brightness & this is real world where the Super Hero representing brightness is within you only!

One more thing, if (you will I am sure) win the fight with darkness by making your mind bright then don’t keep that brightness locked in you, open up windows of your mind & let that brightness reach out to others who are not as fortunate as you because a Super Hero is the one who uses his strength to make others life better & what better strength you can have than the brightness of your positive thoughts! So share whatever good you have seen or learnt with every person around you & may be he or she will find their Super Hero within! Do mind, however unfortunate you might be considering yourself yet there always is someone more unfortunate than you, all you need is look for such person & once you found him, ask yourself what you can do for him & then don’t stop at thought but do it!  And one more thing, please do not buy fire crackers in first place leave apart burning them as well spread this message because we have already enough of pollution around, even our thoughts are polluted by the smoke & smog from things like caste, religion disputes which are in a way forms of darkness only! So why we need more pollution generated by the firecrackers is what I will ask you all! Instead try something this Diwali for the nature, even plant a tree around your building as well grow a small flowering shrub in the balcony of your flat & see how it helps in making life of even one butterfly brighter, do it & then you will start loving your own-self a bit more & brighter! Friends, what more I can wish you than being able to brighten not just yours but others lives too as that’s the true Diwali is what I believe!  Happy Diwali to you & your family!
Sanjay Deshpande 
Sanjeevani Dev.

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