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Serena, Sarkar & Ganpati!

Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility… Spider-Man.

Respected all Ministers, MPs’, MLAs’, Corporators’ alias our Rulers i.e. "Mai Baap Sarkar" of this Maharashtra State,

Saprem Pranam & first of all let me tell you I have great respect for you all especially your stand on many issues like farmers suicides, inflation (mahagai), caste reservations & many such . I know there are many who don’t like your ways & many more who may be afraid of your karyakartas’ but then that’s what makes you as leader going by our country’s definition of it! By the way you may not be even knowing me as I am an engineer in Pune but today I am writing you all because of the news about the stand which most of our elected members (read people’s representatives) have taken regarding DJ ban by Hon Court (Speaker walls) in Ganpati Mirawnuka & immersion of Ganesh statues in natural water bodies in your respective cities’ as well towns. Please forgive me if your stand is different but what has been printed surely is not going to make your image good in the eyes of masses (read your majority voters) & then even as MPs’ you are not just some Members of Parliament out of five hundred odd numbers of them but you all are representing the State of Shivaji Maharaj’s who is the greatest ruler of recent times. This is the main reason I feel like writing each of yours image has very high value in the eyes of millions of citizens of this State which proudly calls it as Shivaraya’s State! And in today’s times a Member of Parliament (MP) or Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) even a Municipal Corporator or Zillah Parishad Member too is in a way Raja (king) of his constituency with his or her voters as Praja! And do mind Shivaji Maharaj was respected not only for his bravery or fighting with Mughals but for his fair ruling & justice also!

Let me tell you what I read about entire you respected Rajas’s stand over court’s verdicts about ban on loud speakers’ walls & well immersing in natural water bodies! First is you all support for continuing use of DJ i.e. speakers with full volume in Ganpati Visarjan Miravnuk & this your stand is considering the poor music system owners who has invested in the equipments as they will face heavy losses by such decision of Court & their families will too suffer due to such losses. Indeed as a Raja of your constituency you must think if any segment of society is having any problem of survival due to such policies as after all Courts also need to think on these lines. But then Hon Court has been ruled against use of DJ in mirawnuka keeping in mind larger good of entire society! Here many of the elected members are pointing fingers towards other events causing sound pollution which were given permission for some or other music festival as & use of loud speakers in the event which was permitted by police as well Courts! With due respect, this statement, had it made by any other citizen I wouldn’t have commented but you all are Raja in a way for your Praja & please do understand one wrong act can’t justify doing another wrong act! Use of loud speaker walls at any cultural or religious purpose is equally wrong but then you can ask people to go in Court against it if next year such permission has been given by authorities  rather even you as people’s representative, also can file individually such petition. That will make people respect law more instead taking the stand that if some wrong permission is given so what’s harm in giving another wrong permission!

This ban on DJ Speakers is ruling by Hon Court of our very own country & please do think would Shivaji Maharaj has ever spoken against his own judicial system which has given some verdict in the interests of entire society & not just for some segments of it? Dear elected members (read Raje), these are times when common man (read society) has already enough suffering through different pollution such as air, sound , water & many such & with due respect the sound these speaker walls makes is harmful to old people as well small children & they too are your people only (Read praja) just like the DJ system owners! All these people look at you only to give them peaceful living & if not you whom they should complain about the sound pollution! You all are Raja & one word from you will surely make Govt to do something for the losses the DJ music system owners suffering as if this Govt can think for farmers then why not music system owners. But imagine the damage which will be happening to health of thousands of people by the sound pollution this DJ system will create & all these people too are your very own Praja!

Then the Hon Courts have banned immersion of Ganpati Statues in the lakes, rivers or natural water bodies of any city, but it seems that many of you are saying who will stop you from immersing in your city’s own water sources as they belongs to your city or town! As elected member of ruling house, indeed no one can stop you immersing Ganpati statues in your city’s or ward’s own lakes or rivers but then do you remember we all had a chapter in our school days about how Shivaji Maharaj has instructed his Generals as well Fort In charges (Sardar & Killedar) about not cutting trees & taking care of bio diversity, that’s what has made him Janata Raja! Please for once think if any lake or river is your city’s or town’s (read mean local citizens) then all the species like fish, snakes, insects in such lake or river also become your Praja & if the pollution created by Ganpati Immersion is going to kill all these species then who will they go for their survival?

Please do think, a Raja is like God for not just the human beings in his jurisdiction but for every species under his ruler-ship & Raja’s responsibility is towards even the life of an ant in his kingdom! Now you only think what we will achieve by allowing Ganpati immersion in not just your lakes or rivers but any lake or river rather each of you can lead entire State by your example by not allowing Ganpati immersion in any natural water body in our city as well with a mirawnuk which will create least sound pollution. And you can do it as people in your constituency war-ship you for what you are & you are good that’s why they have voted you! Then one more thing is about Ganpati pendols on road making nuisance to already chocked traffic as well pedestrians, indeed it’s high time we should think the way we celebrate Ganpati festival, is it to make people happy or to make them suffer more?

I know most of our MP’s & MLA’s are sports lovers & in a recent foot-ball world cup entire world praised Japanese fans as they cleaned stadium post match of their team by collecting  garbage created by them during the match! Similarly can’t each of you lead this movement of “stop-pollution” by yourself in your constituency & let the world praise you for taking such initiative & yet take care the DJ owners too, is what I will ask you as your Praja (Read citizen)!

Dear Elected Rajas’, one more sports example I want to share, in recent US Open, tennis queen Serena Williams had heated argument with the Umpire as some decision went against her. And she used wrong words to the umpires for which she got fined. The issue you also must have been reading is hot in media with many celebrities speaking for & against Serena over her stand. Serena said she is female that’s why umpire was harsh with her as such many incidences where male player is involved have been neglected by the umpires. Well, point taken but does that makes Serena right, is what even you also will ask as a sportsman by yourself, isn’t it? Rather Serena being a world number one player should lead by her example by respecting the umpire even though he may have been wrong as he is after all a human & can make error! Best way would have been Serena sportingly should have accepted the wrong decision & after match should have registered her complaint to the authorities about the poor umpiring. 
This is because she is number one player & millions of young players look at her as their idol & this is where the Spider Man quote comes in picture as being a king or number one is great power but with it that makes you most responsible person also as then it’s not just your alone but million’s fate depends on what you do! Same responsibility each of you carry on your shoulders as our representative, as it’s the stand you take against pollution will decide what our youths will grow up copying!

So, my elected members you all have always been very sensitive towards the social issues as well problems common man has to face & pollution in every form is the biggest problem which not just the humans but even species like sparrows & butterflies are facing  it, making them extinct from the city! You must have read that now a days you don’t get to see birds like mainas, bulbuls, sparrows in our once green Pune & main reason is sound & air pollution as these species can’t survive high pitch sounds as well air full of all toxic gasses from our vehicles. Same is scene with many species which used to reside in Mula-Mutha Rivers & lakes of the cities, as we have polluted all natural water sources & we have killed most of water born species of fish & insects.
I appeal all the MLAs’, MPs’ & Corporators of the city, it will be great thing if you all unite & make this Ganpati Festival as show case & prove the world that you really care for environment as well your city (read Praja), is all I wanted to share. Pune has been always famous in country for its Ganpati Festival so let’s make it more proud by making pollution-less Wisarjan Mirawnuk reality! I am sorry if I have said something wrong & please forgive for that but then as your Praja I felt like sharing my views as I care for each of you as our Janata Raja! Ganpati Bappa Moraya!

Sanjay Deshpande 
Sanjeevani Dev.

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