Friday, October 6, 2017

Understanding Diwali Within!


It’s Diwali time again & really we Indian’s are festival loving people, that makes us forget all bad things happening around us & we are blessed with so many festivals for that! But amongst all Diwali is something great as I remember my childhood, Diwali was the only time when we used to get two sets of new clothes & get to eat sweets for strait four days! Today’s genre won’t ever imagine what joy such treats meant for us as now with online shopping sites & apps like Siwggie delivering all sorts of food at your door step, joy of all such things has long gone. Yet Diwali has its special place in our life because, one is it brings along vacations & second as Diwali is celebrated across all classes of the masses, entire mood of society becomes festive making it truly nation’s festival & not of some caste or religion! The term Diwali has been so synonymously connected with prosperity that whenever someone is seen spending heavily then people asks, “is it Diwali time for you!”

Well, just do mind, all are not lucky to have happy Diwali times as for millions of people in this country even Diwali cant make them able to have prosperity, so all I will say lets understand the Diwali first & then decide how you will be celebrating it! As a leader of my team ( I never like to call myself owner) I felt like writing my views to my them & I am sharing with you as my Diwali wishes, please do go through & share with your close ones…

Happy and Green Diwali 2017!

“However good we may think we are, yet we can definitely be a better person”… Disney Movie, “Moena”.

My dear team Sanjeevani and friends, wish you all a very happy Diwali! You all are aware of my fascination for cartoons and to be honest, its cartoons, super heroes and the ideology behind them which has a great influence on my journey so far. I have used a quote from famous Disney movie Moena to share my thoughts on the occasion of Diwali, as I feel this is the gist of what I want to share with you all. And any ways what else do we do when we wish someone a better life? We wish each other prosperity, and those who count prosperity in terms of money haven’t understood real meaning or let’s say joy of living itself! Recently in a casual conversation my younger son once told me that he wants to earn so much that he could do anything he wants to. I smiled and asked him, what exactly do you want to earn my son? He replied, of course lots of money! I was not surprised with his reply, as it’s a way of life that from childhood till we become grownups, it’s imbibed on us that to earn is something related to only with money. That’s what every school & college teaches us, get education to earn more money & in the process we lose real meaning of living our life!

Friends, money is definitely important aspect of life as so many things for e.g. to have good education to health care, we need money for most of the things around is a fact. Ask a small kid who does not even get food, leave some decent cloths to wear on Diwali but needs to stand at signal in front of a mall as a beggar and who sees people carrying bags full of shopping, for him money is the only medium to celebrate Diwali and be happy. But what about children or even grownups who don’t have to stand at traffic signal to earn their living, how could they too relate happiness to money? I asked this is to my son and I am also sharing my views with you all, that if you want to earn anything then earn knowledge, earn goodness, earn people & even you can earn good health; as, if you earn all these things money will surely follow. But if you earn only money then there is no guarantee the things mentioned above will follow, in fact you may lose many of them forever. Take example of our industry i.e. real estate, what we are witnessing has happened to those who entered in this business merely with the purpose of earning money? But we survived in toughest times, as our aim was not only to earn money but also build good homes. In this difficult situation people with whom we had developed a strong bond supported us; its outcome of our positive thinking and good deeds & commitment towards our work, that’s our real earning!

I always feel if you want to know what is good, you first have to experience what is bad. Once you realize this truth, then nothing remains bad around us. In-fact then the bad times becomes an investment to achieve good times. Finally it depends on us only whether we learn from a difficult condition and try to achieve a good one or keep a status-quo. As Moena says this journey on the path of goodness has no end. How much good can one be; the answer is, it like the sky, which is infinite in all dimensions & surrounds everything, same way your goodness will surround everyone around you! Remember one thing, goodness is the most valuable gift you could ever give, not only to everyone around you but also to yourself. Take example of “Swachha Bharat Abhiyan”, if everyone decides that he or she will not litter and will not allow anyone to litter, do we need any one else to collect garbage?  Similarly if everyone decides to behave in a good way, there will be no badness left in this world and many problems world is facing will be solved automatically.

So from this Diwali let’s resolve to be a better human being than what you are, it will be the best Diwali gift you would give to yourself. I am too not an exception, because if I consider myself your boss as I am better than you then it also makes me most bad person too, amongst us & so I would start working on myself to get rid of that badness within! Also remember goodness is a responsibility, as if you want to fight badness there is no better weapon than goodness. And do mind don’t use your goodness only for your own benefit, also share it with those who are as lucky as you, will you please try it? You could achieve this through simple way, like I mentioned above, this Diwali, think of that small kid standing begging at signal with dirty tattered clothes & looking at you through the glass facade while you were busy in shopping for yourself & your loved ones, just when you buy a shirt for yourself from mall, at least buy a chocolate for that boy. Try this please & then you will realize how your celebrating Diwali this way can make lives of many others really wonderful, beyond your imagination! 

Lastly I would like to quote a beautiful sentence I read recently, “if you want to burn, don’t burn as one of many torches illuminating some palace, but burn as a tiny candle which drives away darkness from a small hutment which has no light, even your burning will be meaningful’’, & we here we are talking about living life!

With this note, I wish you and your family a very happy and enlightening Diwali!


Sanjay Deshpande 
Sanjeevani Dev.
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