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Handing Over not just a Home but Emotions!

Friends, recently we had handing over ceremony of our project Davabindu. Many will ask what's new in it as every day hundreds of projects are getting completed & handed over to their owners. Agreed it’s nothing new but then for that every single flat owner it is new &important moment of their life. As a developer I always feel our role isn’t just completing the formalities like possession & finish the deal but we need to understand a home isn’t a normal commodity product. It has a sentimental value & if its makers i.e. me & my team don’t value those sentiments then no one will! And all it takes a little thinking & some few more rupees to make such moments of our flat buyers most memorable. Here I am sharing my feelings which I shared with the flat holders of Davabindu…

It’s not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind is what matters… Branch Rickey.

Dear Gyanoday friends these are the feelings which me & my team want to share with you post Davabindu handing over ceremony. In many ways Davabindu is unique i.e. right from we getting together with Gyanoday society & even in handing over where it never felt like mine or Gyanoday’s event but a combine celebration where everybody participated whole heartedly! What better scene the infamous real estate industry could have witnessed than not only the builder got honored but his entire team got felicitated at the hands of the residents! I think that’s what we call togetherness at its best! Here I will take opportunity to share what we feel about what we are handing to you all; as its not just landscaped gardens & decorative lobbies or your flats we want you to see but we want to feel the Davaibindu right from within & for that you need to understand our philosophy in making of it, including its planning. Here  I will try to share in best possible words I can…

How we differentiate a home from a temple? Is it that in homes people resides & in temple the Gods? I think there is no difference between a home & a temple, if at all there is difference then it’s in our attitude or else god is a feeling , a faith which lives in us only. We see that faith taking some shape in the form of a god’s statue in the temple but practically where we live temple is there all one has to do is identify the god within us.

At Davabindu, what we want to cultivate is not just physical luxuries of life but it’s the inner peace is what should be the target of any living & get surrender to that power which we call god. After all however we call our self full of knowledge & technology at our service we haven’t been able to make a small drop of water which falls on the leaf of a tree in morning which we call “Davabindu” in Sanskrit!
What is progress? Is it getting six digit salaries & having a poch car standing in front of a luxurious home? Well, progress means understanding true meaning of life & its lies on far different things than these materialistic subjects & for that one has to be in nature. However progress we make but a trip in the hills with your friends feeling the breeze under the blue sky & sunlight, listening to music of many birds; same is sitting under starlit sky on some night & chatting with your childhood friends! All these come at a cost which can’t be counted in any currency. Few things one has to earn by understanding life & that’s real success. Here you may not get the best luxuries money can buy but you will get something no money can buy & that’s community living which is the key to find peace of life.

But let’s remind our self that possession is just another mile stone in our journey as the real test lies ahead. Many a times I have seen things are fine until a guy gets possession then  it becomes like India- Pakistan, as whatever he finds wrong in the product he ends up blaming us only. Friends a building as you have been closely observing is made out of hundreds of agencies working together & a manual assembling of all their output. So what one may call as defect is in actual outcome of our age-old way of workmanship; for e.g. there isn’t any scale to define a good plaster & bad plaster but visual & it differs from person to person! And one more thing is there is no undo command in civil works like you has in software; once an action is complete then many a times you can’t correct it even by breaking the entire thing which isn’t viable option, best example is tiling!

There are few things which you need to understand about limitations in present construction practices & one of them is wall cracks. The most common problem which has been observed in recent times in Pune buildings is surface hair cracks along the walls inside the home & the seepage of rain water as walls are not water proof. Will be sending a detailed note on these issues just for awareness, don’t think I am scaring you but even if we buy a BMW it too has a maintenance kit & manual, which doesn’t mean that they have sold us a faulty piece!

Similarly all the good things like murals & paintings we have provided in the complex do take care of them & do share its importance with the visitors as it’s our effort to speak with you & maintain the dialogue even after we have left the premise of Davabindu. Remember best way we can support a good act is sharing it with as many we can as somewhere someone will get inspired & will do a better job! What we wanted to deliver to you all is a culture, a heritage of which you will be proud keeper & not just concrete & bricks. We have tried to involve you at every stage so as to understand our attitude towards the work which is more important than the outcome. And one thing I can assure that I & my team have left no stone unturned to give you a home which will serve you as per your wish.
We are satisfied with the outcome & for me it’s more important as at the end you can cheat anyone but your own self when its issue of efforts you are supposed to have taken. In future whenever I will visit Davabindu it will give me immense happiness & satisfaction for the efforts we have put in for every minute detailing. But at the same time the kind of relation we have shared till now & in future is also very much important role to play for that & I want this feeling to be mutual & not just one sided!

I conclude with the assurance that giving possession to all the Gyanoday members doesn’t end my responsibility but to assure that your stay is being comfortable is what we wish & for that we need your trust & support! Lets walk along together as then only the journey will be a memorable one & for good reasons. Will be sending also some moments of the possession in photo form, as for most of us its first & only time of having an own home!
All good wishes…

Team Sanjeevani Parth.


Sanjeevani Dev.

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