Thursday, November 24, 2011

Contributing to "Save Tiger" movement, Sanjeevani way!

Any business that makes just money & nothing else is a bad business... Henry Ford.

Adhering to same we have always tried to play our role on social front & especially wild life conservation! By now whole world & not just country is speaking of "Save Tiger" but as it has been proved you can't save the individual specie but its the entire life cycle around it has too be conserved. That includes forest around the tiger & people living over there. From our various trips to such forests we keep on supporting the people working for forest by various means & there are good friends around who join the hand for the cause. In one such effort we along with few friends of same interest have arranged for nearly 150 pairs of safety shoes for labors working for forest dept & guards at Kanha Tiger Project, Madhya Pradesh. Its been well supported by Hemangi & team from Gift Gallore for co-ordinating the delivery & print work for the same. Also our team mate Ganesh who went along there with Ashwini Deshpande.

On 21st Nov. ie Monday, Ashwini Deshapnde along with rohit deshpande & Ganesh tikone, handed the same to officers of Kanha project at Kanha & they were indeed happy as its rarely any outsider understands their difficulties & try to support, was what their reaction! The labors who are most susceptible for snake bites as they have to work bare foot were thrilled & mostly all tried immediately the shoes as alternate day there is a snake bite case in Kanha forest. Because the  snake strikes mostly at ankle level, these shoes which covers nearly 6" above ankle level will be the best protection & surely will get down the numbers of snake bite. More important is the guards & labor can work more freely in forest & its that feeling in their mind which is the success of what we have been trying for ! To share the truth many a labors have wore the shoes for the first time in their life as the labors are mostly the native tribal around the forest area & their financial condition dont permit them even a slipper leave apart a shoe pair!.

Though the forest dept has their own resources yet any help is always welcome & especially Mr Jasbir Chauhan, Director Kanha park was extremely enthusiastic as well supportive for the entire event & personally along with his team distributed the shoes amongst labors as well guards. After all what is a govt dept? A bunch of few people who are supposed to take care of a particular aspect of life & that doesn't mean we as a society should not do anything on that aspect! Rather its the society's participation which make them more enthusiastic towards their job!

Friends, forest has given us immense moments of joy ,I think each of us has something to pay back to it,whatever little it may be! sharing some moments of the event with you! Plz click the link below for more..

( Do share with all ur frds as somewhere somebody may contribute better for the cause by sharing such things)
Sanjay Deshpande

Sanjeevani Dev.

Envo-Power Committee, Credai, Pune

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